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Shabbos 46


(a) Rebbi ruled by a Menorah (a metal lamp) like Rebbi Shimon.
What are the two possible ways of interpreting this statement?

(b) In the town of Rebbi Yeshoshua ben Levi, Rebbi Avahu moved a lamp; in the town of Rebbi Yochanan he declined to do so.
Why was that? What does Rebbi Avahu really hold?

(a) Why did Rav Yehudah permit moving an earthenware oil-lamp - after it had gone out - but not a paraffin one?

(b) Why do Rabbah and Rav Yosef disagree with the latter ruling?

(c) May one pick up stones to use as stoppers on vessels?

(d) How does the Gemara prove, that even vessels whose basic use is forbidden on Shabbos, are nevertheless not Muktzah?

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3) What did Rav Nachman bar Yitzchak mean when he said 'Berich Rachmana de'Lo Kesifei Rava le'Rav Ivya'?


(a) Since Rebbi Shimon permits the oil that remains in a lamp, why should he forbid a blemished first-born animal whose blemish is only discovered on Yom-Tov?

(b) Then why is a woman permitted to eat fruit which she forbade with a Neder, and which her husband released on Shabbos? Why do we not say there too, that she has taken her mind off the fruit, because 'Who says that her husband will release her Neder'?

(c) So why is fruit which someone forbade on himself with a Neder, permitted when it is released by a Chacham? Why do we not say that the Noder took his mind off the fruit, because 'Who says that he will find a Chacham to release his Neder?

(a) What reason does the Gemara initially give for Rebbi Shimon, who forbids moving a lamp on Shabbos?

(b) But is this not a 'Davar she'Ein Miskaven'? What is the difference between this and 'Gorer Adam Mitah' etc., which Rebbi Shimon permits?

(c) Why is the above reason unacceptable, on account of the Mishnah in Kil'ayim: 'Mochrei Kesus' etc.?

(d) How do we know that the author of this Mishnah is Rebbi Shimon?

6) What did the 'Tzenu'im used to do when selling clothes that contained Kil'ayim?

7) What reason does the Gemara finally give to explain Rebbi Shimon?

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