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prepared by Rabbi Eliezer Chrysler
Kollel Iyun Hadaf, Jerusalem

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Shabbos 19


(a) Having permitted one to place food in front of one's dog on Shabbos, why does the Tana need to add that one may also place food in front of a non-Jew?

(b) Is one then obligated (in either case) to make certain that he does not carry it out into the street?

(c) May one feed an animal that is not one's own on Shabbos?

(a) Why is one not permitted to rent out one's vessels to a non-Jew on Friday?

(b) On what conditions may one send letters with a non-Jew on Friday?

(c) Both of the above cases are permitted on Wednesday or on Thursday. Does everyone agree with that?

(a) For how long before Shabbos may one not go out to Sea?

(b) Under what conditions is it permitted?

(c) What is the Machlokes between Rebbi and Rebbi Shimon ben Gamliel in this regard?

(d) What sort of boat journey is permitted even on Friday, even when it is not for a D'var Mitzvah?

(a) What do we learn from the Pasuk in Devarim "Ad Ridtah"?

(b) What did Abaye tell that laundry attendant, who tried to charge him the same fee for colored clothes as for white ones?

(c) Why should one measure one's clothes before giving them to a laundry-attendant and after retrieving them?

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(a) 'ha'Shum, ve'ha'Boser, ve'ha'Melilos she'Riskan mi'Be'od Yom' ... ve'Rebbi Akiva Omer, Lo Yigmor'.
What does Rebbi Yishmael hold?

(b) Rebbi Elazar establishes our Mishnah (who permits the juice that comes out by itself after the fruit has been pressed) like Rebbi Elazar, who permits 'Chalos Devash she'Riskan be'Erev Shabbos, ve'Yatz'u mei'Atzman'. Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Chanina establishes our Mishnah like Rebbi Yishmael b'Rebbi Yossi.
How can *Rebbi Elazar* establish the Mishnah like *Rebbi Elazar*?

(c) Why does Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Chanina not establish our Mishnah like Rebbi Elazar?

(d) Rebbi Elazar however, relied on a Beraisa, in which Rebbi Elazar permitted even the juice of olives and grapes.
What does Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Chanina say about that?

(e) Why does Rebbi Elazar not want to establish our Mishnah like Rebbi Yishmael b'Rebbi Yossi?

6) Why does Rebbi Elazar not agree with Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Chanina's contention that the Tana of our Mishnah is Rebbi Yishmael?

7) Regarding the oil that remains in the corners of the olive press, and the mats of the workers (with which they cover the olives), Rav holds they are Muktzah.

(a) What does Shmuel hold in this case, and what is the basis of their Machlokes?

(b) They also argue over 'Hani Karchi de'Zuzi'.
What are 'Karchi de'Zuzi'?

(c) They also argue about 'a goat for its milk, a lamb for its wool, a hen for its egg an ox for plowing and dates for selling.
What exactly are they talking about and when do they argue, on Shabbos or on Yom-Tov?

(d) Considering that we rule like Rebbi Shimon regarding the above, why did Rebbi Chanina place a Talmid in Cherem for ruling like Shmuel in Charta?

8) It is forbidden to roast meat etc., unless they can be finished before Shabbos enters.
(a) Why then, is it permitted to lower the Pesach into the oven before Shabbos (on Erev Pesach which falls on Friday)?

(b) What is the 'Meduras Beis ha'Mokad', and what is the difference between lighting a fire there on Friday afternoon, and lighting a fire elsewhere?

(c) Why was it necessary?

(d) What does Rebbi Yehudah say about lighting a coal-fire?

9) Rebbi Eliezer permits one to leave bread in the oven provided 'Paneha ha'Tachton' is done.
What does the Tana Kama hold in this regard?

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