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Shabbos 126


The Mishnah states that Terumah Tehorah may be moved on Shabbos, but Terumah Temei'ah is Muktzah.

Why is it Muktzah? After all, it has a use -- it is fit to be fed to dogs, as the Gemara in Pesachim (32a) states that one may feed Terumah Temei'ah which is Chametz to a dog. RASHI explains that on Yom Tov, a person may not give Terumah Temei'ah to a dog because this is considered a fulfillment of the Mitzvah to destroy Terumah Temei'ah.

Why, though, is destroying Terumah Temei'ah not permitted on Yom Tov? The Gemara (24b) says that it is forbidden to burn Kodshim Temei'im on Yom Tov. The Mitzvah of burning Kodshim does not override the Isur of kindling a fire (which is not made for the sake of preparing food). However, that applies only when there is an Isur d'Oraisa that would be transgressed by burning the Kodshim (such as kindling a fire). What Isur d'Oraisa is there in feeding something to a dog on Shabbos? Why should it be forbidden to give a dog Terumah Temei'ah?


(a) RASHI in Beitzah (27b) explains that the fact that it is a Mitzvah to burn Kodshim makes the act of burning into a "significant act," which is considered a Melachah on Yom Tov ("Ach'shevei l'Melachah"). Since the Torah gave this act a high level of significance, it is included in the category of "Melachah" and in the prohibition of not performing Melachah on Yom Tov.

(b) TOSFOS in Beitzah disagrees with Rashi. The reason one may not give Terumah Temei'ah to his dog on Yom Tov is because there is a specific Mitzvah to *burn* Terumah Temei'ah. (Even though the verse does not specify that the Terumah must be burned, it does mention burning with regard to Kodshim, and Terumah is learned from Kodshim.) Therefore, Terumah Temei'ah is Muktzah because it may *not* even be fed to a dog, but it must be burned. (Only Terumah Teme'ah which which is Chametz, and must be destroyed, may be fed to a dog.)

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