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Shabbos 76


OPINIONS: Various types of material may be combined to make a Shi'ur Tumah (l'Chumra; that is, the combined total must be equal or more than the *largest* required Shi'ur of the group because "they are fit to become Tamei with Tum'as Moshav." Similarly, the various types of fodder in our Mishnah may be combined to create a Shi'ur for Hotza'ah, since they are "fit for a display." What is the logic of these statements?

(a) Various materials may be combined to create a Shi'ur Tum'ah since they are sometimes sewn together into one -- when a person makes a quilted donkey-saddle (RASHI in our Sugya and in Me'ilah 18a).

The logic of this would seem to be as follows. It is obvious that there is a sufficient *amount* to be Mekabel Tum'ah, since there is even enough in the combination to satisfy the largest Shi'ur involved. However, it is not so clear that different materials can be *combined* altogether; perhaps we should assume that the materials will shortly be removed from one another, and therefore we should already view them as *separate* entities. Therefore, in order to combine materials, we must first prove that the combination is indeed tolerated. Since people sew together materials in a donkey-saddle, and since fodder of different types is mixed together when being displayed for sale, therefore we may view the mixture as a lasting combination and add together the various amounts to create a Shi'ur.

(b) The rule is that when objects become Tamei, or spread Tum'ah, when they are similar in size (for instance, if they both spread Tum'ah when they are the size of k'Zayis), they may be combined to cause Tum'ah (Me'ilah 17a). Therefore, since, in one instance, the size for causing Tum'ah of *all* the materials and types of fodder mentioned in the Mishnah is the same, they may be combined to cause Tum'ah (if the combination is at least equal to the largest of the Shi'urim involved).

It what manner is their size for causing Tum'ah the same? When they were specifically touched up to be used for a donkey-saddle, in which case they are all Metamei when they are 1 x 1 Tefach is size (RASHI Sukah 17b DH Ho'il, TOSFOS in our Sugya DH Ho'il). Similarly, the amount of fodder for which one is Chayav for Hatza'ah is the same small amount for all types of fodder, if it was specifically set aside to be used as a salesman's sample (Mishnah, 90b).


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