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Shabbos 152

1) [line 7] BEI AVEIDAN - the meeting places of early Christians where religious disputations were held (lit. the place of their ruin)

2) [line 8] TUR TELAG - (lit. the mountain is snowy) my hair is white
3) [line 8] SACHARUNI GELIDIN - (lit. the mountain is encircled with icicles) my mustache and beard have also turned white

4) [line 8] KALBOHI LO NAVCHIN - (lit. my dogs do not bark) my voice is becoming inaudible

5) [line 9] TACHANOHI - (lit. my mills) my teeth
6) [line 9] A'D'LO AVIDNA BACHISHNA - (lit. I am looking for something that I have not lost) I now walk stooped over and I move about as if I am looking for a lost item

7) [line 11] TAVA TEREI MI'TELAS - two [legs] are better than three (i.e. two legs and a cane)

8) [line 11] VAI LAH L'CHADA D'AZLA V'LO ASYA - It is a pity that there is one thing that goes away and does not come back

9) [line 13] KELILA D'VARDA - a crown of roses
10a) [line 14] SAVUSA - old age
b) [line 14] KELILA D'CHILFA - a crown of thorns
11) [line 15] DOK B'KACHEI V'SISHKACH B'NIGREI - (lit. use your teeth to chew and you will see the results in your footsteps) if you eat well you will have energy

12) [line 17] SHINENA - well-learned person
13) [line 17] SHARI SAKICH - open your mouth
14) [line 19] GAVZA'AH - eunuch
15) [line 20] ME'HACHAH L'KARCHINA KAMAH HEVEI - (a) What is the distance from here to the baldy? (RASHI); (b) What standing and significance do you have as compared to me, you bald person? (MAHARSHA)

16) [line 21] BARCHA KARCHA B'ARBA'AH - (a) a bald goat (or ram) sells for [the low price of] four Zuz! (goats are bald when compared to wooly sheep) (RASHI); (b) you are worth only as much as a bald goat (MAHARSHA)

17) [line 22] IKARA SHELIFA B'TEMANYA - (a) a castrated sheep sells for eight Zuz! (RASHI); (b) (sarcastically) you are surely of higher standing than I, since a castrated sheep is tastier than a goat (MAHARSHA)

18) [line 23] D'LO SAYIM MESA'ANEI - that he was not wearing shoes. It may have been Yom Kipur or Tisha b'Av, when wearing shoes is prohibited. The Tzeduki was lax in his observance of Mitzvos, and made fun of Rebbi Yehoshua ben Korcha for his meticulous observance. (MAHARSHA)

19) [line 25] HA D'CHAFIR V'KAVIR TAV MINEI - a dead man is better than him
20) [line 29] KARCHA METZUYANA? - (a) Hey baldy, do you want to start a fight? (RASHI); (b) You have a Mum (defect), in that you are balding in an abnormal way, which is one of the Mumim that the Chachamim list in Bechoros 43a (MAHARSHA)

21) [line 29] IKARA SHELIFA TOCHACHAH - (a) You eunuch, you started the argument by calling me names (RASHI); (b) The rebuke that I am giving you should not be confused with a fight (RABEINU CHANANEL); (c) Being castrated is a greater Mum, which is even listed in the Torah (Vayikra 21:20). Baldness, however, is not a Mum with regard to very old people. (MAHARSHA)

22) [line 33] KURKEVAN - usually the gizzard (the second stomach of a bird). In this context it appears to refer to the stomach and the intestines.

23) [line 35] SHUCHAH - (a) as if they were mere talk (Sichah), and not song or music; (b) as if they were coming from a pit (Shichah)

24) [line 35] DEI'OSAN - their reason and understanding
25) [line 35] MISRAPTOS - crack
26) [line 38] SHAKARA - a liar
27) [line 38] V'HAVAS TA'AMA KIDRA - and she would taste the food in the pot
28) [line 39] SHATUF B'ZIMAH - steeped in immorality
29) [line 43] KALIBOSES - the hip bone
30) [line 44] NAGID V'ASNACH - he became faint and sighed
31) [line 45] PIHA - (lit. her mouth) a euphemism for the vagina (MAHARSHA)
32) [line 46] MADOR - (lit. a dwelling place) a level of Olam ha'Ba based upon his merits

33) [line 49] RIMAH - the worm in a grave


34) [line 1] HAVAH DAVAR - he would take
35) [line 5] AD SHE'YISASEM HA'GOLEL - (a) until the top of the coffin is closed (RASHI); (b) until the tombstone is erected (TOSFOS)

36) [line 8] AD SHE'YIS'AKEL HA'BASAR - until the flesh decomposes
37) [line 13] TENEHA LO - give her (the soul) [back] to Him
38) [line 18] MEGUHATZIN - ironed
39) [line 25] "V'HAYESAH NEFESH ADONI ..." - "and the soul of my lord (King David) shall be bound in the bond of life with HaSh-m, your G-d; and the souls of your enemies shall be shot out of a slingshot." (Shmuel I 25:29) - Avigayil, the wife of Naval, used these words to bless King David, after her husband committed treason. David was about to have Naval and all of his household executed, but Avigayil proved that only Naval was guilty.

40) [line 29] YEKAL'ENAH - shall be shot [out of a slingshot]
41) [line 29] KAF HA'KELA - slingshot
42) [line 31] ZOMEMOS V'HOLCHOS - will be imprisoned
43) [line 33] (IKA) [IY HAVI] SHECHIVNA - If I would have died [before you asked this question, you would never know this important teaching. It is good that you asked me now.]

44) [line 34] DUMAH - the Angel appointed over the spirits
45) [line 36] KEFULA'EI - ditch-diggers
46) [line 36] NACHAR BEHU - snorted at them
47) [line 39] U'MANI MARI D'LO YADANA LEI - who is Mari? I have never heard of him (and I do not have to abide by his teachings - RASHI)

48) [line 40] "... U'RKAV ATZAMOS KIN'AH" - "[A sound heart is the life of the flesh;] but envy is the rottenness of the bones." (Mishlei 14:30) - Rebbi Achai bar Yoshiyah learned from this verse that only envy causes the bones to rot.

49) [line 42] GESHASHEI - he (Rav Nachman) felt him (Rav Achai)
50) [line 42] MESHASHA - substance
51) [line 46] UVA TAMYA - a Ba'alas Ov, a woman who practices the witchcraft of Ov

52) [line 47] NEGIDA - the Aramaic name for the witchcraft of Ov

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