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Shabbos 137

1) [line 1] SIFRA - Toras Kohanim. One of the earliest commentaries on Vayikra, which was written by Rav (circa 220 C.E.) and which follows the opinion of Rebbi Yehudah

*2*) [line 12] RAV YEHUDAH MASNI PATUR - see Chart
*3*) [line 22] MAH AVODAS KOCHAVIM - that is, with regard to idol-worship it is obvious that there are no circumstances in which one is Patur from a Korban since a Mitzvah was done, because it is impossible to perform a Mitzvah through an act of idol-worship (since idol-worship is an act of the heart, see Daf 72b Rashi DH Harei Libo).

4) [line 30] TARID MITZVAH - he is busily engaged in and anxious about the performance of a Mitzvah (the circumcision of the baby who is supposed to have his circumcision today)

5) [line 40] BEIN HA'SHEMASHOS (*Halachic* sunset)
(a) There is an uncertainty as to whether Bein ha'Shemashos is considered part of the day or part of the night.

(b) The Tana'im (Shabbos 34b) argue as to exactly when Bein ha'Shemashos occurs: (1) Bein ha'Shemashos according to Rebbi Yehudah starts from the time the sun sets and lasts for the time that it takes an average person to walk a certain distance. The Gemara (Shabbos 34b) records a difference of opinion as to whether this distance is two thirds or three quarters of a Mil. (2) Rashi to Berachos 2b and Nidah 53a writes that this distance is half of a Mil accoding to Rebbi Yehudah; in our Gemara this is the opinion of Rebbi Nechemya.

(3) Bein ha'Shemashos according to Rebbi Yosi lasts as long as the (gentle) blink of an eye. Beforehand is day; afterwards is night. There is a difference of opinion as to whether the Bein ha'Shemashos of Rebbi Yosi occurs after or during the Bein ha'Shemashos of Rebbi Yehudah (Nidah 53a). In Shabbos 35a, the Gemara concludes that Rebbi Yosi's Bein ha'Shemashos occurs after the end of Rebbi Yehudah's Bein ha'Shemashos.

6) [line 43] CHALATZTO CHAMAH - if his fever left him
7) [line 43] L'HAVROSO - for him to become healthy
8) [line 47] TZITZIN - small strips of skin
9) [last line] ATARAH - (lit. crown) the raised part of the Ever that is under the Orlah. See Insights


10) [line 1] PARA - to peel off the layer of skin that covers the tip of the Ever after the circumcision

11) [line 5] HA'MESURBAL B'VASAR - who is fat (lit. "padded" with flesh)
12) [line 6] SHE'MISKASHEH V'NIR'EH MAHUL - his Milah is recognizable when his Ever stands erect

13) [line 11] NIR'EH V'EINO NIR'EH - we are in doubt as to whether his Milah is recognizable or not

14) [line 12] AKB"V - Asher Kideshanu b'Mitzvosav v'Tzivanu
15) [line 16] ASHER KIDASH YEDID MI'BETEN - (a) Who sanctified His beloved (Yitzchak) from the womb (with circumcision) (RASHI); (b) Who sanctified His beloved (Avraham) from the womb to serve Him (TOSFOS)

16) [line 17] CHOK BI'SH'EIRO SAM - He established the statute of circumcision in his flesh

17) [line 19] TZAVEH - command; [alt. TZIVAH - commanded]
18) [line 19] L'HATZIL YEDIDUS SHE'EREINU - to save the Neshamah that is in our bodies
19) [line 19] MI'SHACHAS - from Gehinom
20) [line 19] L'MA'AN BERISO - for the sake of the covenant of HaSh-m
21) [line 23] UL'HATIF - and to cause to flow
22) [line 25] "IM LO VERISI YOMAM VA'LAILAH, CHUKOS SHAMAYIM VA'ARETZ LO SAMTI" (Yirmeyahu 33:25) - "If not for my covenant by day and by night, I would not have established the ordinances (laws of nature) of heaven and earth."

*****PEREK #20 TOLIN*****

23) [line 37] OSOFEI OHEL ARA'I - adding on to the roof of a temporary tent
24) [line 38] PEKAK HE'CHALON - a board used to seal a skylight
25) [line 43] MACHSHIREI OCHEL NEFESH - actions performed in preparation for the cooking (or other preparatory Melachah which is permitted on Yom Tov) of food

26) [last line] TALA KUZA B'SICHTA - if he hangs a small cup on a peg

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