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Shabbos 136

1) [line 10] MACHSHIREI MILAH - actions performed in preparation for a Milah such as chopping wood for charcoal that will be used to stoke the fire in order to forge the Milah knife

2) [line 22] SHE'AS HA'KOSHER - a time that it was permitted (before it became a Treifah)

3) [line 37] PIHEK - (O.F. badaillier) it yawned
4) [line 42] IGLA TILTA - (a) a third-grown calf (that has reached one-third of its full growth and is particularly tasty) (RASHI Eruvin 63a); (b) a calf that has reached one-third of its expected *lifespan*, at which time it has reached its *full* growth (RASHI Sanhedrin 65b); (c) a calf which is a cow's third offspring which is well developed and fat (RASHI ibid., Shabbos 11a, Pesachim 68b); (d) a calf that is healthy and good to eat (TOSFOS Gitin 56a). See Insights

5) [line 42] B'YMAMA D'SHIV'AH - on the seventh day after its birth
6) [line 43] IY ISRECHISU LEI AD L'URTA - if you had waited until nightfall to slaughter it (which is the night of the eighth day)

7) [line 48] TZAVERONEYASA KA'BA'IS L'MEICHAL? - did you want to eat delicacies (which are fed to mourners)?

8) [line 49] ISRA BEI MILSA - his baby died


9) [line 5] SHARISUHA - you have found a way to absolve the Kohen's wife of the need for Chalitzah, and as such she will not be prohibited to him! (lit. you have permitted her!)

10) [line 5] YEHE RA'AVA D'SASHRU TARBA - may it be HaSh-m's will that you [find a way to] permit forbidden fats!

11) [line 9] ERCHIN
Erech (= endowment valuation) refers to a special form of vow. If a person declares, "Erech Ploni Alay" ("I accept upon myself to give the endowment value of so and so to Hekdesh"), he must give the specific value that the Torah designates for the person's gender and age group as stated in Vayikra 27:1-8. It makes no difference at all whether the person is healthy or sick, strong or weak.

1 Mo.-5 Yrs. 5 Shekels 3 Shekels
5-20 Yrs. 20 Shekels 10 Shekels
20-60 Yrs. 50 Shekels 30 Shekels
OVER 60 Yrs. 15 Shekels 10 Shekels

12) [last line] TUMTUM - a person whose genitals are hidden so that we do not know if he is a male or a female

13) [last line] ANDROGINUS - hermaphrodite, a person with both male and female reproductive organs

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