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Shabbos 122

1) [line 13] KEVESH - a ramp
2) [line 26] AL GABEI MUKTZAH - [he may not let his animal graze] on grass that was cut on Shabbos which is Muktzah (for an explanation of the term Muktzah, see Background to Shabbos 45:26a)

3) [line 27] D'KA'IM LAH B'APAH - he stands in front of the animal to direct it to the cut grass

4) [line 38] B'MESIBAH - at a gathering, party


5) [line 1] BEI AVIN TORAN - the house of Avin from Toran
*6*) [line 3] AHADRINHU SHEMUEL L'APEI - Shmuel turned his face away from the gentile (in order not to benefit from his light). (The situation must have been that there were mostly, or at least 50%, Jews in the house, and therefore even Rava would not permit using the light.)

*****PEREK #17 KOL HA'KELIM*****

7) [line 10] KURNAS - (O.F. martel) a hammer
8) [line 10] L'FATZE'A - to crack
9) [line 10] KARDOM - a hatchet
10) [line 11] DEVEILAH - a large, rounded cake of pressed figs
11) [line 11] MEGEIRAH - a saw
12) [line 12] MAGREIFAH - (O.F. vadil) a shovel
13) [line 12] GROGEROS - dried figs
14) [line 13] RACHAS - (O.F. pele) a shovel (used for winnowing)

15a) [line 13] MALGEZ - a pitchfork
b) [line 13] LASES ALAV L'KATAN - (a) [in order for a person who is Tamei] to give Terumah to a young child who is Tahor (MEIRI); (b) to give food to a child who is on the other side of a stream (whereas an adult could just cross over the stream) (TIFERES YISRAEL)

16) [line 13] KUSH - (O.F. fusel) a spindle, the thin rod that is used to twist and wind thread

17) [line 14] KARKAR - (O.F. raiol) a wooden tool used by weavers for separating threads on the loom and for other purposes

18) [line 15] SAKA'IM - sack-weavers
19) [line 21] SHIDAH - a large chest
20) [line 22] TEIVAH - a chest
21) [line 22] MIGDAL - (O.F. mestier) a cupboard
22) [line 23] LUL SHEL TARNEGOLIM - a chicken coop
23) [line 34] GEZEIRAH SHEMA YISKA - it is prohibited mid'Rabanan lest he replace the door with force, using pegs or the like (i.e. in a permanent manner), which would transgress the Av Melachah of Makeh b'Patish

24) [line 36] SHEL NAPACHIN - the hammer of a blacksmith who works iron in a forge

25) [line 36] DAVAR SHE'MELACHTO L'ISUR - An item which is *mostly* used for activities that are prohibited on Shabbos

26) [line 37] L'TZORECH GUFO - using the utensil for a permitted act on Shabbos

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