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Shabbos 111


(a) There is a prohibition to cause the dough of Menachos (either the Kometz or the Shirayim, the part that the Kohanim eat) to become leavened as it states, "Kol ha'Minchah ... Lo Se'aseh Chametz" (Vayikra 2:11). An additional verse, "Lo Se'afeh Chametz," (Vayikra 6:10), specifically prohibits *baking* leavened Menachos.

(b) This extra verse is used to teach that once the dough of a Minchah offering is leavened, each and every subsequent process involved in preparing a baked Minchah offering is also prohibited, e.g. if one person leavens the dough and another bakes it, they both transgress a Lav.

b) [line 3] MESARES ACHAR MESARES - a person who adds to the mutilation of the genitals caused by another person is also Chayav

2a) [line 4] "U'MA'UCH ..." - "An animal whose testicles were crushed by hand ..."
b) [line 4] "...VE'CHASUS ..." - "... or with an instrument ..."
c) [line 4] "...VE'NASUK ..." - "... or pulled loose (and completely detached from the body) ..."
d) [line 4] "... VE'CHARUS [LO SAKRIVU LA'HASH-M, UV'ARTZECHEM LO SA'ASU]" - "...or severed (but remaining in their sac) [you may not offer to HaSh-m, and you may not do such a thing to an animal in any land where you live." (Vayikra 22:24)

*3*) [line 8] UL'REBBI YOCHANAN BEN BEROKA - that is, even though the prohibition of *Sirus* certainly does not apply to a woman, nevertheless it should be forbidden for her to drink this because it will prevent her from keeping the Mitzvah of *Piryah v'Rivyah* (Tosfos 110b DH v'ha'Tanya, 111a DH b'Zekeinah)

4a) [line 12] LO YEGAME'A BAHEN - he may not sip [vinegar] through them
b) [line 13] METABEL HU K'DARKO - he may dip his bread or food into vinegar as he normally does

5) [line 14] MASNAV - his loins
6) [line 15] SHEMEN VERED - rose oil
7) [line 21] MA'ALI - is beneficial as a cure
8) [line 23] KIYUHA D'PRI - wine that did not ferment properly
9) [line 23] CHALA - vinegar
10) [line 25] MASI - it cures
11) [line 26] MARPI - causes the gums to recede and the teeth to become loose

*12*) [line 32] D'IS LEI HO'IL - Rava suggests the logic of "since." (That is, since an act is permitted during part of a Shabbos, it cannot be prohibited during the rest of Shabbos, or during Yom Kippur.)

13) [last line] MESOCHRAYA D'NAZYASA - the cloth wrapped around the spigot of a barrel that aids in tightening the spigot into the hole of the barrel


14) [line 1] L'HADUKEI - to tighten [the spigot which inevitably squeezes the cloth plug]

An act which will certainly result in a forbidden Melachah being unintentionally performed on Shabbos or Yom Tov. Literally, "[can one] cut off the head [of an animal] and it does not die?!" Everyone knows that by cutting off the head of an animal, the animal will surely die. If, for example, a person states that he did not intend to kill the animal (but merely wanted to extract its blood in order to feed his dogs), his words and intentions mean nothing. It is as if he had the intention to kill the animal.

16) [line 8] ARI SHEBA'CHABURAH - the "lion" in our group of scholars (the greatest scholar)

17) [line 9] TARGIMNA - have explained it

*****PEREK #15 V'ELU KESHARIM*****

18) [line 21] GAMALIN - camel-drivers
19) [line 22] SAPANIN - sailors
20) [line 26] KITRA D'KATREI B'ZEMAMA - the knot which is used to tie a leash to the leather nose ring of a camel

21) [line 26] KITRA D'KATREI B'ISTERIDA - the knot which is used to tie a rope to the leather strap or rope that is tied as a ring through a hole that is bored in the front of a boat

22) [line 28] KITRA D'ZEMAMA GUFEI - the knot of the leather nose ring itself
23) [line 30] ANIVAH - a bow
24) [line 36] MAFTE'ACH CHALUKAH - the straps that tie closed her cloak or dress
25) [line 37] CHUTEI SEVACHAH - the strings of her headdress, head covering (O.F. coife)
26) [line 37] PISKIYA/PESIKYA - a wide belt worn by women
27) [line 38] NODOS - leather bottles

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