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Shabbos 106

1a) [line 6] PUK, TANI L'VARA - Go out and teach your Halachos outside [of the Beis ha'Midrash] (i.e. your opinion about this Halachah is unacceptable)
b) [line 6] EINAH MISHNAH - it as an incorrect Mishnah
2) [line 16] PESILAH - a bar of lead
3) [line 17] MECHAVEI - shows
4) [line 19] MIGDAL - (O.F. mestier) a cupboard


5) [line 1] BIVARIN - vivarium, an enclosure in which live animals (or fish or birds) are kept

6) [line 2] MECHUSAR TZEIDAH - a term that describes an enclosure in which the animals inside must still be trapped

7) [line 13] BIVAR MEKORAH - an enclosure which is covered with a roof
8) [line 16] TZIPOR DEROR - a type of wild bird which is evasive and good at dodging people

9) [line 17] EINAH MEKABELES MARUS - it does not accept being dominated
10) [line 22] D'RAHIT BASREI - that he runs after it
11) [line 23] B'CHAD SHICHIYAH - with one action of running and bending over
12) [line 24] D'NAFIL TULA D'KESALIM A'HADADI- that the shadow of one wall falls on the opposite wall

13) [line 26] D'LEIKA UKTZEI UKTZEI - it does not have corners, niches
14) [line 31] GEMARA GEMOR, ZEMORTA TEHEI - do you, Rav Yosef, tell us to only say over what we learn (whether it is correct or not); is it merely a song?!

15) [line 34] AVIDEI L'RABUYEI - are accustomed to fleeing
16) [line 37] EISHATA - fever
17) [line 37] UVTZENA - weakness
18) [line 38] CHAGAVIN - locusts
19) [line 38] GAZIN - (a) a type of locust (RASHI); (b) a species of bees (TOSFOS Bechoros 7b)

20) [line 38] TZIR'IN - hornets
21) [line 42] SHARAV - dry heat
22) [line 42] IM HAYU MEKALCHOS U'VA'OS - if they were showering down from the sky in a constant stream

23) [line 51] GURZEKI - cage

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