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by R. Nosson Slifkin
Kollel Iyun Hadaf, Yerushalayim
Rosh Kollel: Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld

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Rosh Hashanah 35

ROSH HASHANAH 31-35 (Siyum!) - sponsored by a generous grant from an anonymous donor. Kollel Iyun Hadaf is indebted to him for his encouragement and support and prays that Hashem will repay him in kind.


(a) Question: Surely R. Yochanan has been cited as saying that the Halachah follows R. Gamliel with Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kipur, implying that there is a dispute even with these days!?
(b) Answer: It is R. Meir who R. Yochanan said concedes to R. Gamliel, and the other Rabanan who argue, as we see in a Beraisa:
1. (R. Meir) The Shaliach Tzibur is Motzi the congregation for the prayers of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kipur of Yovel.
2. (Chachamim) Just as the Shaliach Tzibur must say them, so too must all the congregation.
i. Question: Why should these days be different - if it's because of the numerous Pesukim, R. Chananel ruled that he just needs to say "as written in the Torah"?
ii. Answer: They are different because the Berachos are long.
(c) They thought that R. Chananel's ruling applied only to an individual, but R. Yehoshua b. Levi said that it applies even to a congregation.
(a) (R. Elazar) A person should always arrange his prayer in his mind and then pray.
(b) (R. Aba) This is only reasonable for the prayers of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kipur, and special occasions (festivals).
1. Question: R. Yehudah would do this even on a weekday!?
2. Answer: Since he only prayed every thirty days, it was like a special occasion for him.
(c) (R. Cha bar Avira) R. Gamliel held that the Shaliach Tzibur was even Motzi those people in the fields.
(d) Question: This implies that it is unnecessary to state that he is Motzi those who are in the town - but those in the fields have more reason to be Yotze with the Shaliach Tzibur, as they are unable to come!
1. Similarly, we find that while those people who are behind the Kohanim are not included in the Berachos, those in the fields are included!
(e) Answer: Emend it to read that R. Gamliel held that the Shaliach Tzibur was *only* Motzi those people in the fields.
1. The reason is that they are forced to miss the prayers, but those in the town have the opportunity for it.
*****Hadran Alach Yom-Tov, u'Selika Lah Maseches Rosh Hashanah*****

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