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Rosh Hashanah 27

ROSH HASHANAH 26, 27 - sponsored by Reb Wolf Rosengarten of Zurich, in honor of Rav Moshe Soloveitchik Zt'l and the dedicated students of the Yeshiva he established in Moscow.

1) [line 12] TISALEK LEI B'TARTEI - let it count as two Teki'os (the end Teki'ah of the first "Teki'ah Teru'ah Teki'ah" and the first Teki'ah of the second "Teki'ah Teru'ah Teki'ah")

2) [line 12] PESUKEI TEKI'ASA ME'HADADI, LO PASKININ - we do not split one blast into two Teki'os

3a) [line 13] BOR - a well that is dug in impermeable ground and which is not lined with stones
b) [line 14] DUS - a well in the ground that is lined with stones that rise above the surface of the ground. A Dus also has a cover on top. (BI'UR HALACHAH Orach Chayim 587:1 in his explanation of the opinions of Rashi and Rambam)

4) [line 14] PITAS - (O.F. ponton) a large barrel
5) [line 15] KOL HAVARAH - the sound of an echo
6) [line 16] MEKAMEI D'LI'ARBEV KALA - before the sound of Shofar becomes mixed with the sound of the echo

7) [line 20] V'ECHAD METARGEM - and one translates into Aramaic
8) [line 26] KINUFYA - a public gathering
9) [line 30] GEVULIN - in the boundaries of Eretz Yisrael (outside of the Mikdash)
10) [line 31] V'CHEN HINHIG REBBI CHALAFTA B'TZIPORI - and Rebbi Chalafta enacted in Tzipori to blow with a Shofar and trumpets (RASHI)

11) [line 32] SICHNI - also Sichnin, north of Jotapata in the Galil, the seat of Rebbi Chananya ben Teradyon and the home of Rebbi Yehoshua

12) [line 33] SHA'AREI MIZRACH UV'HAR HA'BAYIS - the eastern gates of Har ha'Bayis; alt. the eastern gates of the Ezras Nashim


13) [line 10] GERDO - he scraped it
14) [line 10] V'HE'EMIDO AL GILDO - and left only a very thin shell
15) [line 20] D'HAFCHEI K'CHITUNA - he turned it inside out like a cloak
16) [line 30] TZARUR - (O.F. rois) hoarse, rough
17) [line 31] KADCHO - if he bored a hole in it
18) [line 32] SHE'KADCHO B'ZACHRUSO - he bored a hole in the bone that forms the center of the Shofar when it is attached to the animal (this bone is usually removed before the Shofar is made)

19) [line 36] IKA D'RAMI LEHU MIRMA - there are those who learn this Sugya in a different way; Rav Huna's statement is given as an answer to the apparent contradiction between the Beraisa and the Mishnah

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