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Rosh Hashanah 21

ROSH HASHANAH 21 & 22 (12,13 Av) - dedicated by Rabbi Kornfeld's grandmother, Mrs. G. Turkel, to the memory of her husband, Reb Yisrael Shimon (Isi) ha'Levi Turkel, who loved Torah and worked to support Torah until his last breath. He passed away on 10 Av 5780.

*1*) [line 1] B'CHADSAR B'TISHREI - on the day that the people in Bavel mistakenly thought was the eleventh of Tishrei (but which was really the tenth of Tishrei, Yom ha'Kipurim)

2a) [line 2] BASIM TAVSHILA D'VAVLA'EI - the cooked food of the Babylonians is sweet
b) [line 3] B'YOMA RABA D'MA'ARAVA - on the great day (Yom ha'Kipurim) of the people of Eretz Yisrael

4) [line 4] AS'HID - testify [that today is Yom ha'Kipurim and we will fast the remainder of the day]

5) [line 5] KOL HEICHA D'MATU SHELUCHEI NISAN - every place where the messengers who notify the people about the proclamation of the month of Nisan arrive (before Pesach).
The messengers of Rosh Chodesh Nisan have 12 days to travel (the fourteen days before Pesach, minus two days of Shabbos). The messengers of Rosh Chodesh Tishrei have 9 days to travel (the fourteen days before Sukos, minus two days of Shabbos, two days of Rosh Hashanah, and one day of Yom ha'Kipurim).

6) [line 15] ISHTAKACH KAVASEI - [one year] it happened that his opinion was correct, i.e. that Yom ha'Kipurim fell on the second day of his fast because Rosh Hashanah had been proclaimed on the thirty-first day of Rosh Chodesh Elul; everyone else who had fasted only one day had been eaten on the real day of Yom ha'Kipurim

7) [line 18] DAMHARYA - a place in Bavel
8) [line 18] DAM TEHEI ACHARISO - the result [of your information] will be bloody (i.e. my death)

9) [line 19] "KALIM HAYU RODFEINU [MI'NISHREI SHAMAYIM...]" - "Our pursuers were swifter than eagles in the sky..." (Eichah 4:19)

10) [line 21] TEKUFAS TEVES - winter (according to the opinion of Rebbi Yosi - Sanhedrin 13a - the season that starts with the winter solstice, lasts for three solar months and ends on the day before the vernal equinox)

11) [line 22] IBRAH L'HA'HI SHATA - make that year a leap year, adding another month of Adar to the year

12) [line 22] V'LO SACHUSH LAH - and pay no attention [to the fact that this follows the opinion of Acherim, who argue with the majority opinion, and rule like Rebbi Yosi]

13) [line 23] AVIV SHEL TEKUFAH - the season of spring of the solar cycle
14) [line 25] NECHUSEI YAMA - seafarers
15) [line 26] SIHARA D'MASHLIM L'YOMA - that the moon shines until the day begins (sunrise)

16) [line 27] BE'IRU CHAMIRA - destroy the Chametz
17) [last line] D'MIGELU LEHU ALMA - the entire sky is visible to them


18) [line 3] SURYA - Syria; areas from modern-day Syria that David ha'Melech conquered
19) [line 21] BA'ALIL - clearly (for everyone to see)
20) [line 29] "IMAROS HASH-M AMAROS TEHOROS, KESEF TZARUF BA'ALIL LA'ARATZ, MEZUKAK SHIV'ASAYIM." - "The sayings of HaSh-m are pure sayings, like silver whose quality is revealed to all the earth, refined sevenfold." (Tehilim 12:7)

21) [line 33] "BIKESH KOHELES LIMTZO DIVREI CHEFETZ; [V'CHASUV YOSHER DIVREI EMES.]" - "Koheles (King Solomon) sought to find words of desire, [and words of truth written properly.]" (Koheles 12:10)

21) [line 34] V'CHASUV YOSHER DIVREI EMES - but the words of truth have already been written, i.e. it is already written in the Torah otherwise

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