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Rosh Hashanah 19

ROSH HASHANAH 19 & 20 (10, 11 Av) - dedicated by Rabbi Kornfeld's grandmother, Mrs. G. Turkel, to the memory of her husband, Reb Yisrael Shimon (Isi) ha'Levi Turkel, who loved Torah and worked to support Torah until his last breath. He passed away on 10 Av 5780.

1) [line 14] DIVREI KABALAH - words mentioned in the Nevi'im
2) [line 16] ASAS BESORTA TAVTA - a good tiding came
3) [line 17] D'LO YE'IDUN ME'ORAISA - that they will no longer be forced to remove themselves from the Torah

4) [line 21] MATRONISA - Roman matron; aristocratic woman
5) [line 22] HIFGINU - they cried out in public
6) [line 23] EI SHAMAYIM - woe Heavens! i.e. for the sake of the Creator
7) [line 24] LO ACHEICHEN ANACHNU? - are we not your brothers (we are both descendents of Yitzchak through Yakov and Esav)?

8) [last line] HITIF L'SOCHAN - he poured into them
9) [last line] AVAR - [liquid] lead (to fill the holes)


*11*) [line 16] HA MIKALKEL ROSH HASHANAH - if they make Elul 30 days, people will have observed Rosh Hashanah on the wrong day (since they always assume that Elul was 29 days, RASHI here and in the Mishnah 18a DH Al; see Insights there.) Alternatively, if Beis Din waits for witnesses to testify about the new moon and therefore makes Elul 30 days, they will not be able to bring the proper Korbanos in the Beis ha'Mikdash on the thirtieth day of Elul since they will not know until the end of the day that it was not Rosh Hashanah.

*12*) [line 25] KOL MITZVOS HA'NOHAGOS BA'SHENI NOHAGOS BA'RISHON - any Mitzvah that is supposed to be performed in Adar Sheni, if one performs it in Adar Rishon one has fulfilled the Mitzvah and need not repeat it in Adar Sheni. (RASHI)

*13*) [line 29] KAMAH IBUR SHANAH - how long is the first Adar? (RASHI)
14) [line 34] B'YOM IBUREIHEN - on the thirtieth day of the month; i.e. the thirtieth day of Adar I is declared Rosh Chodesh Adar II, and the thirtieth day of Adar II is declared Rosh Chodesh Nisan. The thirtieth day of the month is called Yom Ibur, "the day of pregnancy," because it is the extra day that can be added to the month

*15*) [line 36] LA'AFUKEI MI'D'DARASH RAV NACHMAN BAR CHISDA - that is, as far as *Adar Sheni* is concerned, he means to disagree with the opinion of Rav Nachman bar Chisda.

16) [line 42] SHE'YIVADA LECHA SHE'HUKBA ROSH CHODESH BI'ZEMANO - until you know for certain that Rosh Chodesh Adar II was proclaimed in its proper time, i.e. on the thirtieth of Adar I (which cannot happen according to our present-day calendar)

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