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Rosh Hashanah 11

ROSH HASHANAH 11 (2 Av) - dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas Lipa ben Aryeh ha'Kohen on his Yahrzeit

1) [line 12] ZEMAN REVI'AH HAYESAH - was the time of the early rain
2) [line 13] "V'ED YA'ALEH MIN HA'ARETZ; V'HISHKAH ES KOL PENEI HA'ADAMAH." - "A misty cloud ascended from the ground and watered the whole surface of the earth." (Bereishis 2:6)

3a) [line 23] (L'KOMASAN) [B'KOMASAN] NIVRE'U - they were created (a) in their fully grown and developed stages (RASHI, RITVA) and (b) at the height that was fitting for them (RITVA)
b) [line 24] L'DA'ATAN NIVRE'U - [they were created] (a) with their consent (RASHI Chulin 60a); (b) with a fully developed mind (and not the mind of a baby) (ARUCH Erech Tzav cited by the RITVA, TOSFOS)
c) [line 24] L'TZIVYONAN NIVRE'U - [they were created] (a) with their distinct appearance and flavor (RASHI); (b) with their consent (RITVA); (c) with their fully developed beauty (ARUCH cited by the RITVA, TOSFOS)

4) [line 30] "...EISAN MOSHAVECHA, V'SIM BA'SELA KINECHA" - "...your residence is strong, and your nest is set in a rock." (Bamidbar 24:21)

5) [line 31] "SHIM'U HARIM ES RIV HASH-M VEHA'EISANIM MOSDEI ARETZ..." - "Listen, you mountains, to the grievance of HaSh-m and you bedrock, the foundations of the earth..." (Michah 6:2)

6) [line 38] ZEIVSANEI OLAM - the nobles (the distinguished) of the world, the Avos
7) [line 39] (D'TEKIFEI) [D'TAKIF] B'MITZVOS - it has (lit. it is mighty with) an abundance of Mitzvos

8) [line 40] ZIVA LA'ILANEI - splendor, i.e. the blooming of the trees
9) [line 41] ILANEI D'MELAVLEVEI - trees that are blooming

10) [line 51] YOLEDES L'TISH'A, EINAH YOLEDES LI'MKUTA'IN There is an argument among the Tana'im as to whether a woman can give birth before the end of the ninth month of her term of pregnancy (Nidah 38a-b).

11) [last line] "TIK'U VA'CHODESH SHOFAR...KI CHOK L'YISRAEL HU...EDUS B'YHOSEF SAMO B'TZEISO AL ERETZ MITZRAYIM..." - "Blow the Shofar on the New Moon; at the time appointed for our festival, because it is a decree for Yisrael, a judgement [day] for the G-d of Yakov. He appointed it as a testimony for Yosef when he went out over the land of Mitzrayim..." (Tehilim 81:4-6)


12) [line 14] MAZAL KIMAH - (a) a cluster of more than 100 stars in Aries (RASHI); (b) Spica, a large star in the constellation of Akrav (Scorpio) (MAHARSHA to Berachos 58b); (c) the Pleiades (IBN EZRA)

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