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Rosh Hashanah 9

ROSH HASHANAH 2-10 sponsored by a generous grant from an anonymous donor. Kollel Iyun Hadaf is indebted to him for his encouragement and support and prays that Hashem will repay him in kind.

1) [line 1] V'IY ATAH MONEH SHENAS CHAMISHIM V'ACHAS - and you do not count the year of Yovel simultaneously as the fiftieth year of the previous Yovel and the first year towards the next Yovel


2) [line 2] SHE'LO SHAMTU - the people did not return the lands that they bought to their original owners

3a) [line 20] K'MEDAYEIR BEI DEYARA - like a person who is free to choose wherever he wants to live
b) [line 20] U'MOVIL SECHORAH - and transports merchandise

4) [line 36] HA'MAVRICH - one who puts a shoot from a vine into the ground with its end sticking out of the ground to produce a new plant (once it has rooted, the connecting shoot is severed)

5) [line 36] HA'MARKIV - one who grafts a branch from one tree onto another tree

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