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Rosh Hashanah 3

ROSH HASHANAH 2-10 sponsored by a generous grant from an anonymous donor. Kollel Iyun Hadaf is indebted to him for his encouragement and support and prays that Hashem will repay him in kind.

1) [line 5] AL TIKRI VA'YIR'U ELA V'YERA'U - do not read it "va'Yir'u" - (they saw); rather read it "va'Yera'u" (they were seen)

2a) [line 7] IY - if; this explanation of Ki also includes Ka'asher (when) and Asher (that)
b) [line] DILMA - perhaps
c) [line] ELA - rather
d) [line] D'HA - because
3) [line 9] SAYACH - foal, young donkey or horse
4) [line 11] AROD - a wild desert donkey
*5*) [line 31] TANYA KAVASEI D'REBBI YOCHANAN - that is, the Beraisa *also* supports the opinion of Rebbi Yochanan, as well as that of Rebbi Elazar (TOSFOS DH Tanya; Tosfos explains why the Beraisa needed to bring both sets of verses and Rebbi Elazar's verse alone did not suffice)


6) [line 16] "VA'YEHI B'CHODESH NISAN..." - The following Pesukim are from Nechemya 2:1-6

a) [line 17] YAYIN LEFANAV - wine [was brought] before him
b) [line 18] V'LO HAYISI RA LEFANAV - I had never before appeared downcast in his presence
c) [line 20] RO'A LEV - wickedness of the heart
d) [line 24] SHEGAL - queen
e) [line 25] AD MASAI YIHEYEH MAHALACHECHA? - (a) When will you travel? (RASHI to Nechemyah 2:6); (b) For how long will you go? (METZUDAS DAVID ibid.)

7) [line 30] "V'SHEITZI BAISAH DENAH AD YOM TELASAH L'YRACH ADAR; DI HI SHENAS SHES L'MALCHUS DARYAVESH MALKA" - "This Temple was completed by the third day of the month of Adar; this was the sixth year of the reign of King Darius" (Ezra 6:15)

*8*) [line 34] HU ARTACHSHASTA - that is, the *second* Daryavesh (son of Queen Ester) was also called Artachshasta and Korash (TOSFOS DH v'Artachshasta. This is not the same Daryavesh mentioned at the top of the page, according to TOSFOS DH Shenas. That one was not a "kosher" king.)

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