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Pesachim 103


(a) Rabah (*Ya*ha*ne*k) puts Yayin first (because of 'Tadir'), and Havdalah before Kidush (like Shmuel *Ya*ne*ha*k).
Why does he (as does Rav [*Ya*ke*ne*h]) put Ner between Havdalah and Kidush?

(b) Levi (*Ki*ne*ya*h) puts Kidush before Havdalah (like Rav).
Why does he ...

  1. ... move Yayin away from first place to put it third (why not second)?
  2. ... put Havdalah last?
(c) On what basis does the Rashbam switch the opinions of Rabah and Levi?
(a) The Rabbanan say *Ki*ya*ne*h. They hold like Rav, who puts Kidush before Havdalah. For which two reasons would they deliberately follow Kidush with the order *Ya*ne*h?

(b) Why does ...

1. ... Mar Brei de'Revana (*Ne*ki*ya*h), who (like Rav), puts Kidush before Havdalah and Yayin next to Havdalah (like Rabah and Levi), put Ner before Kidush?
2. ... Marsa in the name of Rav Yehoshua (*Ne*ya*ha*k), who holds like Shmuel with regard to Havdalah before Kidush, put Ner before Yayin?
(c) The Tana, Rebbi Yehoshua ben Chananyah (*Ne*ha*Ya*k) gives Havdalah precedence over Kidush (like Shmuel), and places Ner first - like the two previous opinions.
Why does he put Yayin in between Havdalah and Kidush?

(d) What Mashal does Rebbi Chanina give to explain why Havdalah should precede Kidush?

3) Abaye (*Ya*k*ze*ne*h) and Rava (*Ya*k*ne*ha*z) both hold like Rav (*Ya*k*ne*h), but they argue over Zeman (Shehechiyanu) if the first day of Yom-Tov follows Shabbos. Why does ...
  1. ... Abaye put Zeman before Ner?
  2. ... Rava put Zeman last?
(a) Seeing as, according to the Mishnah in Berachos, both Beis Shamai and Beis Hillel put Ner before Besamim, why did Rava invert the order and put Besamim first?

(b) According to Rebbi Yehudah, Beis Shamai and Beis Hillel agree that Birchas ha'Mazon comes first.
Why is that?

(c) They also agree that Havdalah comes last.
What then, is their Machlokes according to Rebbi Yehudah?

(d) What is Rebbi Yochanan's conclusion in this matter?

(a) On what grounds did Rav Ya'akov bar Aba query Rava, when he recited a Berachah over the Kos shel Berachah?

(b) Why did he concede that that was the right thing to do when eating by the Resh Gelusa?

(c) Rava insisted that nevertheless, he had done the right thing, because that is the ruling that was issued to Rav Beruna and Rav Chananel, the disciples of Rav.
What did Rav Yeiva Saba quote Rav as saying - after they had said 'Hav Lan ve'Nivrich!', and then Hav Lan ve'Nishti!'?

(d) What have we proved from this episode?

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(a) Ameimar, Mar Zutra and Rav Ashi were eating together one weekday.
Why did Ameimar recite a Berachah over each cup that he drank?

(b) Mar Zutra recited a Berachah over the first and the last cups. Like whom did he hold?

(c) What did Rav Ashi do?

(d) Why did he beg to differ with Mar Zutra? What proof did he bring from Rav's opinion (*Ya*k*ne*h) regarding Yom-Tov that falls after Shabbos?

(a) When Rava's servant lit a torch for Havdalah, Rava explained to Rav Ya'akov bar Aba that he had acted on his own initiative.
What was Rav Ya'akov bar Aba's objection to that?

(b) What was the *real* reason that the servent kindled a torch, even though there was a light already burning?

(c) What was the text of Rebbi Yehudah ha'Nasi's Havdalah?

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