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Pesachim 99


(a) What is the proof from our Mishnah that 'silence is golden'?

(b) What does a fool gain with his silence?

(a) What does Rebbi Yehudah learn from the Pasuk in Bo "ve'Im Yim'at ha'Bayis Miheyos mi'Seh"?

(b) How does Rebbi Yossi explain it?

(c) What leads us to believe that the author of Mishnah (with regard to appointing a second new member to join the original one) must be Rebbi Yossi?

(d) How does Rebbi Yochanan reconcile it with Rebbi Yehudah?

3) How does Rav Ashi prove from the fact that the final case in the Mishnah speaks specifically when each of the five groups consists of at least five members, that the author must be Rebbi Yehudah, and not Rebbi Yossi?

***** Hadran Alach, 'Mi she'Hayah'! *****

Answers to questions


***** Perek Arvei Pesachim *****


(a) From when may one not eat a meal on Erev Pesach, and what is the reason for this?

(b) Seeing as one is permitted to eat a snack on the one hand, and forbidden to eat Matzah already from the morning, what becomes forbidden from that time on (see Tosfos - 'Lo Yochal')?

(c) Does a poor man need to lean by the Seder?

(a) What is a Tamchuy, and who receives from it?

(b) Are the officers of Tzedakah obligated to give someone who receives from the Tamchuy four cups of wine?

(c) To what extent is a poor man, who, for whatever reason, does not receive four cups of wine from the officers of Tzedakah, obligated to obtain sufficient wine for four cups?

(d) What do the four cups of wine symbolize?

(a) Rebbi Yehudah forbids eating a meal every Erev Shabbos or Yom-Tov from Minchah Ketanah and onwards.
Why is that?

(b) So we initially establish our Mishnah (which restricts this prohibition to Erev Pesach), like Rebbi Yossi.
What does Rebbi Yossi say?

(c) Why should Erev Pesach be different?

(d) How does Mar Zutra reconcile Rebbi Yehudah (who just forbade in a Beraisa, eating on Erev Shabbos and Yom-Tov only from Minchah Ketanah - i.e. from *nine and a half hours*) with another Beraisa, where he forbids it already half an hour earlier - from the *beginning* of the tenth hour?

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