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Pesachim 95

1) The Mishnah lists three similarities between Pesach Rishon and Pesach Sheini, and two distinctions.
What are ...

  1. ... the two distinctions?
  2. ... the four similarities?
(a) From the Pasuk in Beha'aloscha "ke'Chol Chukas ha'Pesach Ya'asu Oso", we include Mitzvos she'be'Gufo in the Pesach Sheini.
What is meant by Mitzvos she'be'Gufo?

(b) And what are the Mitzvos she'Al Gufo - which "Al Matzos u'Merorim Yochluhu" come to include?

(c) Having learned from "ke'Chol Chukas ha'Pesach Ya'asu Oso" that Mitzvos she'be'Gufo of the Pesach Sheini are similar to the Pesach Rishon, why do we need "ve'Etzem Lo Yishberu Bo" to preclude Mitzvos *she'Lo* Al Gufo?

(d) Why would we have treated it as a 'P'rat u'Ch'lal', and not vice versa, and why do we now not do so?

3) What are Mitzvos she'Lo Al Gufo?


(a) Isi ben Yehudah precludes Mitzvos she'Lo Al Gufo from the Torah's Lashon "Oso" (in the Pasuk by Pesach Sheini "ke'Chol Chukas ha'Pesach Ya'asu Oso"). What does he do with "ve'Etzem Lo Yishberu Bo"?

(b) And what do the Rabbanan do with "Oso"?

(c) The Gemara adds 'de'Kamah de'Efshar Le'ahaduri, Mehadrinan'.
What does this mean?

(a) The Torah lists six Peratim and one K'lal written by the Pesach Sheini.
What is the K'lal?

(b) Each P'rat *includes* one thing and *excludes* one. The Asei of "Al Matzos u'Merorim Yochluhu" includes that of "Tz'li-Esh".
Which Asei does it *exclude*?

(c) The 'La'v ha'Nitak la'Asei' of "Lo Yash'iru Mimenu Ad Boker" includes that of "Lo Sotzi Mimenu".
Which 'La'v ha'Nitak la'Asei' does it come to exclude?

(d) The 'La'v' (that is not a Nitak la'Asei) of "ve'Etzem Lo Yishberu Bo" includes "Al Tochlu Mimenu Na".
Which La'v does it come to exclude?

(a) This Tana considers the La'v of "Lo Sotzi" (see 5c.) a 'La'v ha'Nitak la'Asei'.
How is it a 'La'v ha'Nitak la'Asei'?

(b) Is this explanation unanymous?

(c) What make the La'vin of "Lo Yera'eh" and "Lo Yimatzei" 'Nitak la'Asei'?

(d) Why do we *include* the La'v of "Al Tochlu Mimenu Na", and *exclude* that of "Lo Sishchat Al Chametz Dam Zivchi"? Why not vice-versa?

Answers to questions



(a) With regard to singing Hallel whilst eating the Pesach Sheini, what do we learn from the Pasuk in Yeshayah "ha'Shir Yihye Lachem ke'Leil Hiskadesh Chag"?

(b) The Navi only precludes Hallel from being said at *night-time*, but not during the preparation of the Pesach Sheini during the *day*.
What logical reason does the Gemara give for reciting Hallel during the preparation of the Pesach?

(a) We infer from our Mishnah, that although the Pesach Sheini over-rides Shabbos, it does *not* over-ride Tum'ah.
Why not?

(b) Rebbi Yehudah maintains that it *does*.

(c) How do we reconcile Rebbi Yehudah, who holds in another Beraisa that Pesach Sheini does *not require Linah* (in Yerushalayim) - even though it does over-ride Tum'ah, with the Beraisa which learns that it over-rides Tum'ah (like Rebbi Yehudah) yet it *requires Linah*?

(d) What does Rebbi Yehudah (in one of the above-mentioned Beraisos) learn from the juxtaposition of "Sheshes Yamim Tochal Matzos" to "u'Fanisa va'Boker, ve'Halachta le'Ohalecha" (in Re'ei)?

(a) Why are Zavin and Zavos etc., not included in the Heter of eating a Pesach ha'Ba b'Tum'ah, together with Teme'ei Mes?

(b) What do we learn from the juxtaposition of "ve'ha'Nefesh Asher Tochal Basar ve'Tum'aso Alav, ve'Nichresah" to "Kol Tahor Yochal Basar" (in Tzav)?

(c) They *are* however, Chayav for entering the Azarah. How does Rebbi Eliezer learn from the Pasuk in Naso "vi'Yeshalechu Min ha'Machaneh Kol Tzaru'a, ve'Chol Zav ve'Chol Tamei la'Nafesh" that they are *not*?

(d) What do the Rabbanan do with this Pasuk?

(a) Rav Yodef asked whether a Tamei Mes who is permitted to enter the Azarah by a Pesach ha'Ba b'Tum'ah, is Chayav Kareis if he enters the Heichal.
Are Kohanim who are Tahor permitted to enter the Heichal?

(b) Why should the Tamei Mes by a Pesach ha'Ba b'Tum'ah be Patur?

(c) How does Rava resolve the Sha'leh from the Pasuk in Naso ...

  1. ... "vi'Yeshalchu *Min* ha'Machaneh" (according to the first Lashon)?
  2. ... "vi'Yeshalchu *Min* ha'Machaneh ... mi'Chutz la'Machaneh Teshalechum" (according to the second Lashon)?
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