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prepared by Rabbi Eliezer Chrysler
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Pesachim 57


(a) What did Buhin do when he met the poor men who had just collected Pei'ah from his son's vegetable-field?

(b) Why did he need to inform them that he was not being miserly? Of course he wasn't! He was offering them double!

(c) What do we learn from the Pasuk in Re'ei "u'Va ha'Levi Ki Ein Lo Chelek ve'Nachalah Imach"?

(a) How were the skins of Kodshei Kodshim originally distributed?

(b) Why did they have to stop employing this method, and what method did they devise instead?

(c) This did not however, prevent the tough leaders of Kehunah from taking the skins by force.
What did the owners then do? Who were the owners?

(d) To what extent did Hekdesh Bedek ha'Bayis benefit from the owners' declaration?

(a) What do the following have in common: Baytus, Chanin, Kasrus and Yishmael ben Fiachi?

(b) What were ...

  1. ... the Alsan of Beis Baytus?
  2. ... the Lechishasan of Beis Chanin?
  3. ... the Kalmusan of Beis Kasrus?
  4. ... the Agrufin of Beis Yishmael ben Fiachi?
(a) The Azarah cried out that the B'nei Eli (Kohen Gadol) should leave it before they rendered it impure.
Why did it cry that Yisachar Ish Barkai should leave it too? What did he do wrong?

(b) What did it cry out with regard to ...

  1. ... Yishmael ben Fiachi?
  2. ... Yochanan ben Narbai?
(a) What dispute did the King and Queen (of the family of the Chashmona'im) have concerning the taste of meat?

(b) What made them call the Kohen Gadol as an arbitrator? What was the Kohen Gadol's name?

(c) What did the Kohen Gadol decide and why was that?

Answers to questions



(a) What did Yisachar Ish Kfar Barkai do to arouse the King's anger?

(b) What sentence did the King pass on him?

(c) What happened when he bribed the executioner to sever his left hand instead of his right?

(d) What comment did Rav Yosef make regarding this incident?

(a) What did Rav Ashi mean with his statement that Yisachar was not even conversant with a Mishnah? Which Mishnah?

(b) And what did Ravina mean when he added that he did not even know a Pasuk? Which Pasuk?

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