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by Rabbi Ephraim Becker
Kollel Iyun Hadaf, Yerushalayim
Rosh Kollel: Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld

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Pesachim 102

1) SHINUI MAKOM (cont'd)

(a) Answer: This Bereisa is the lone opinion of R. Yehudah (and may not be used to question R. Chisda) as we see in the Bereisa.
1. A group who leaves [Akru Ragleihem] need not say Berachos.
2. [R. Yehudah] This is only if they leave someone behind.
(b) Question: But this Bereisa should be a question on R. Yochanan?!
1. The Akru Ragleihem refers to those foods which would require a Berachah in their place, inferring that even Rabanan would require them to say Berachos for other foods!
2. Question: But wasn't this already asked once?
3. Answer: Let this be yet another question.
(c) Answer: This Halachah is not to say Berachos even for other foods, and the words Akru Ragleihem are used for R. Yehudah.
1. Even for foods which require a Berachah in their place, still;
2. R. Yehudah requires that they have left someone behind.
(d) A Bereisa was taught in support of R. Chisda.
(a) [R. Yehudah] If Shabbos begins while a group is eating its meal, a cup is brought and Kidush is recited (and then Birkas HaMazon is recited on a separate cup).
(b) [R. Yosi] They need not interrupt, but when the finish their meal they recite Birkas HaMazon over the first cup, and Kidush over the second.

(c) Question: Say both on one cup?
(d) Answer: We do not recite the two sanctifications on one cup (on account of Mitzvos Chavilos).
(e) Question: But we see from the Bereisa that we *may* bundle Berachos onto one cup when he does not have enough wine!?
(f) Answer: A case of insufficient wine is different.
(g) Question: But Rav taught that we say YKN"H on YomTov after Shabbos (bundling Kidush with Havdalah, even, presumably, on Pesach when everyone has sufficient wine)!?
(h) Answer: If Rav meant Pesach, he would have included Shehechiyanu (YKNH"Z) [thus he could still be speaking of a lack of wine].
(i) Question: But even on the first night of Pesach we bundle the Berachos, there is only a dispute regarding the order?!
(j) Answer: Kidush and Havdalah may be combined while Havdalah and Birkas HaMazon are separate.
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