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Pesachim 111


AGADAH: The Gemara says that if a woman walked between two men while she was a Nidah, then if it is the beginning of her state of Nidah, one of the men will be killed, and if it is the end of her state of Nidah, a quarrel will arise between the men.

The VILNA GA'ON (Kol Eliyahu 142) used this Gemara to explain the motivation behind the seemingly strange conduct of Queen Esther when she arranged to discuss the situation of the Jews with Achashverosh. Esther invited Haman to join her and the king at the first dinner she made in the king's honor. The Gemara in Megilah (15b) questions why Esther invited Haman to come to the first meal along with the king, when she was not going to reveal herself until the second meal. The Gemara gives many reasons for Esther's conduct.

The Vilna Ga'on said that "had I been there, I would have added another reason why she invited him." The Gemara (Megilah 15a) says that when Esther heard the news of Haman's plot against the Jews, it shocked her so much that she became a Nidah. Three days later, she made the first dinner party for Achashverosh and Haman. Her motivation was to invite the two of them and, as a Nidah, to situate herself between them. If she was at the beginning of her state of menstrual bleeding, then one of them would die, leading to the annulment of the decree against the Jews (the Gemara in Ta'anis (29a) says that when the senate made a Gezeirah, if one person in the senate would die, then it would be taken as an omen that the Gezeirah must be annulled). If she was at the end of her state of Nidah, then a quarrel would arise between Achashverosh and Haman, and again Achashverosh would rescind the decree. Either way, the decree would be rescinded as a result of Esther's strategy! (In the end, both outcomes proved true; a quarrel erupted between Haman and Achasverosh, and Haman was killed.)


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