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Pesachim 105

1) [line 19] ASKERAH - ASKERA - choking; (O.F. bon malant) quinsy, a severe development of heat, pain, redness and swelling in the throat (RASHI Berachos 40a)

2) [line 29] HAZKARAH - a mentioning of the day (Retzei and Ya'aleh v'Yavo)
3) [line 36] D'IY, LO KETANI - the Beraisa is not discussing irregular contingent situations


4) [line 10] CHAKIMA'AH - a wise person (to say it on my own)
5) [line 10] CHOZA'AH - a soothsayer
6) [line 11] YECHIDA'AH - [saying it in the name of] an individual
7) [line 11] GAMARNA V'SADARNA - I learned it from my teachers and I organized my teachings before my teachers constantly (see Insights)

8) [line 16] K'TUNA - like a burden

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