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Pesachim 88

1) [line 2] TIRINA D'TAMREI - a basket of dates
2) [line 4] MELO TZANA D'DUVSHA - a basketful of date-honey
3) [line 23] AL YEDEI BENO U'VITO - for his son and daughter
4) [line 44] PASYA UCHMA! - black earthenware vessel! (this connotation is used for a Talmid Chacham who has no time to wash his clothes on account of his total devotion to learning Torah) (RASHI Avodah Zarah 16b)

5) [line 44] MINI U'MINACH TISTAYEM MILSA - between the two of us, the matter will be clarified


6) [line 25] D'DA'ATAN KALAH ALEIHEN - that they are not particular about what they eat

7) [line 27] HA'LETA'AH - a lizard
8) [line 31] V'RICHESHAH - and it writhed
9) [line 39] YABELES - a wart

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