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Pesachim 84

PESACHIM 84 (Cheshvan 19) - dedicated anonymously in memory of Chaim Mordechai ben Harav Yisrael Azriel (Feldman) of Milwaukee.

1) [line 4] ROSHEI KENAFAYIM - the cartilages (O.F. tenrums) at the end of the shoulder blades (O.F. espaldon)

2) [line 5] SECHUSIM - cartilages
3) [line 12] B'SHALKA - when it is cooked in water
*4*) [line 17] GIDIN SHE'SOFAN L'HAKSHOS - sinews which, when the animal is young, are soft (and edible), but become hard when the animal matures in age (and become inedible)

5) [line 33] LO CHASH L'KIMCHEI - has no concern for the flour he grinds, whether it is ground from wheat or from bran; i.e. for the words that he utters (RASHI Yevamos 42b)

6a) [line 35] AL TAKNITEINI - do not weary me (with your arguments)
b) [line 10] BE'LASHON YACHID ANI SHONEH OSAH - for I learned that it is the opinion of an individual (and not the accepted ruling).

7) [line 38] HA'MOSIR - one who leaves over from the Korban Pesach; see above 83:3 Nosar

8) [line 44] LAV SHE'EIN BO MA'ASEH - a Lav which is transgressed without performing any action (e.g. a person vows to eat a certain loaf of bread today. By *not* eating the bread during that day, he transgresses his vow.)


9) [line 13] MO'ACH SHEBA'ROSH - the brain that is in the head
10) [line 14] MO'ACH SHEB'KULIS - the marrow that is in a thighbone
11) [line 15] L'GORERO - to pull it out
12) [line 19] GUMARTA - a (burning) coal
13) [line 20] V'NEICOS ALEI V'NIKLAH - and place it on the bone and burn it
14) [line 24] MISHUM PEKA - because of cracking of the bone (which may happen because of the heat of the coal)

15) [line 29] L'URSA - at night
16) [line 36] D'METAVEI LEI - he roasts it
17) [line 36] HA'ALYAH - the fatty tail

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