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Pesachim 71

(a) Every Korban that a person is required to bring must be set aside from animals that are Chulin (non-consecrated). This applies whether the obligation to bring the Korban stems from the Torah, such as Pesach, Chatas, Asham, etc., or whether it stems from the person himself, such as if he vowed to bring a Korban Olah, Shelamim or Todah. He does not fulfill his obligation unless he sets aside and offers as the Korban an animal that is Chulin. If he owns an animal that he already set aside as a Korban by declaring it a Nedavah (e.g. by saying, "This animal shall be a Shelamim"), or if it is Kadosh because it is Ma'aser Behemah, he can not fulfill his obligation with this animal (Menachos 81b).
(b) If a person vows to bring a Korban and specifies *at the time of his vow* that he may bring an animal that is Ma'aser Behemah as his Korban, he *does* fulfill his obligation with this animal (ibid.).

2) [line 23] SE'IREI HA'REGALIM
(a) A Se'ir (male goat) is offered as a Korban Chatas on the festivals among the Korbenos Musaf that the Torah requires (Bamidbar 28:16 - 29:38). As with all Korbenos Chatas, it is Kodshei Kodashim, and is eaten by male Kohanim on the day that it is slaughtered and the following night. This Korban is brought even on Shabbos.
(b) When offered on Shabbos, the Se'ir may not be cooked until nightfall. Kohanim that choose to eat it raw before that time may do so.

*3*) [line 45] D'ILU TANA L'VASAR LO BA'I REISHIS - that is, the Tana that discusses eating the meat of the Chagigah of the Fourteenth, assumes that it can be eaten only until the following morning (and not the second morning) unless the Torah *specifies* that it can be eaten for a second day.


4) [line 30] EIMUREI TZIBUR - Korbanos that are offered on Shabbos; i.e. the Korban Tamid and Korban Musaf

5) [line 31] SHE'YESH LAHEN KITZVAH - that have a fixed (small) amount of Korbanos

*6*) [line 32] REBBI MEIR OMER - (from the Gemara on Daf 72a it appears that Rebbi Meir is explaining what he considers to be *Rebbi Yehoshua's* opinion.)

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