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Pesachim 62

1) [line 38] MESHALCHIN KORBENOSEIHEN - send their sacrifices to the Beis ha'Mikdash to be offered for them


A Korban Pesach may only be brought from a kid goat or sheep during its first year. If the animal was not offered on the first Pesach festival, it becomes a Korban Shelamim when it becomes one-year old. If it is offered on the second Pesach festival as a Korban Pesach, there is a Machlokes between Rebbi Eliezer and Rebbi Yehoshua whether or not it is a Kosher Korban Shelamim.

*3*) [line 8] HA'PESACH SHE'AVRAH SHENASO - (The argument between Rebbi Eliezer and Rebbi Yehoshua over this point seems to involve whether a Korban Pesach that is disqualified needs "Akirah" (see Background to Pesachim 59:17:c) before it may be slaughtered as a Shelamim, or whether it is automatically a Shelamim.)

4) [line 19] NISNI LI MAR SEFER YUCHASIN - teach me Sefer Yuchasin, a Mishnaic commentary of Divrei ha'Yamim according to the genealogies of the twelve tribes (Maharsha)

5) [line 22] KAFYEI V'IRTZEI - Rav Simlai pressured (forced) him and Rebbi Yochanan acquiesced (to teach it to him)

6) [line 23] NISNAYEI B'3 YARCHEI - teach it to me in three months
7) [line 23] SHAKAL KALA - he took a clod of earth (O.F. mote)
8) [line 23] PASAK BEI - he threw it at him
9) [line 26] RAV'VASA - teachers
10) [line 26] LO YATZESAH YEDEI CHOVASAH BI'TELAS SHENIN - she did not learn it completely in three years (although she had three hundred teachers a day)

12) [line 41] TASHASH KOCHAN - their strength has waned
13) [line 42] KAHAH ME'OR EINEIHEM - their sight has grown dim

14a) [line 43] BEIN "ATZEL" L'"ATZAL" - the Parshah between the two similar Pesukim which read "ul'Atzel Shishah Vanim, v'Eleh Shemosam: Azrikam, Bochru, v'Yishmael, u'S'aryah, v'Ovadyah, v'Chanan; [Kol] Eleh Benei Atzal" ("And Atzel had six sons, and these are their names: ... [all of] these are the sons of Atzal") located in Divrei ha'Yamim I 8:38 and 9:44. (The two verses are identical except that in the first, the word "Kol" is inserted.)
b) [line 43] TE'INU 4 ME'AH GAMLEI D'DERASHAH - they loaded with four hundred "camel-loads" of interpretations

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