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Pesachim 61

PESACHIM 61 - has been dedicated by Mr. Avi Berger of Queens, N.Y. in memory of his parents, Pinchas ben Reb Avraham Yitzchak, and Leah bas Michal Mordechai

1) [line 20] MEMARES - stir
2) [line 24] "[V'IM YIM'AT HA'BAYIS MI'HEYOS MI'SEH V'LAKACH HU U'SHCHENO HA'KAROV EL BEISO] B'MICHSAS [NEFASHOS; ISH LEFI OCHLO TACHOSU AL HA'SEH]" - "[If the household is too small for a lamb, then he and a close neighbor can obtain a (lamb together) as long as it is for] specifically designated [individuals; individuals shall be designated for a lamb according to how much each one will eat] (Shemos 12:4)

3) [line 28] LESHON SURSI - (O.F. lengue surie) Syriac language


4) [line 10] KALECH L'DERECH ZU - turn this way, argue the following

5) [line 11] ZEMAN (PIGUL)
(a) A sacrifice that was slaughtered with the intention of eating it or offering it after its allotted time becomes disqualified. Such a Korban is forbidden to be eaten as it states in Vayikra (7:18) "v'Im He'achol Ye'achel mi'Besar Zevach Shelamav ba'Yom ha'Shelishi Lo Yeratzeh, ha'Makriv Oso Lo Yechashev Lo, *Pigul* Yiheyeh." - ("If [the person bringing the offering plans] to eat it on the third day, [the sacrifice] will not be accepted. It is considered Pigul (putrid, rejected) and it will not be counted in his favor.")
(b) If a person eats Pigul intentionally he is Chayav Kares. If he eats it unintentionally he must bring a Korban Chatas. (Sefer ha'Chinuch Mitzvah 144)

*6*) [line 27] D'EIN MACHSHEVES OCHLIN B'ZERIKAH - see Insights
7) [line 35] D'LO MIKBA PIGUL ELA B'ZERIKAH (A Korban only receives a final status of Pigul by the Zerikah)
A Korban does not receive a final status of Pigul, with a penalty of Kares, until the Zerikah. A Korban only becomes Pigul if one or more of the four Avodos (Shechitah, Kabalah, Holachah, and Zerikah) were done with the intention of eating it after the allotted amount of time (Machsheves Pigul) and the other Avodos were done without otherwise disqualifying intentions. If one Avodah was done with the intention of eating it after the allotted amount of time and a subsequent Avodah was done with a different disqualifying intention (Machsheves Pesul), there is no Kares from eating from the Korban

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