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Pesachim 52

1) [line 5] VEL'NAGDEI MAR NEGIDEI - should you not whip him?
2) [line 6] MIMNU A'NEGIDA - (a) the scholars gather and vote when a scholar sins to the extent that he may be worthy of receiving Makos Mardus (RASHI); (b) the scholars gather in the presence of the most important Rav and must agree unanimously before they administer Makos Mardus (RIF)

3) [line 7] V'LO MIMNU A'SHAMTA - (a) but the scholars do not gather to vote when a scholar sins to the extent that he may be worthy of Niduy (excomunication), which is a more severe punishment. The degradation of the Torah that would be engendered by publicizing the event is considered far worse than the possible injustice that may be done should the Niduy be administered improperly. (RASHI); (b) but when a scholar sins to the extent that he may be worthy of Niduy, "Ein Cholkin Kavod la'Rav," i.e. the scholars do not gather in the presence of the most important Rav. Niduy is administered immediately. (RIF)

4) [line 9] MENADIN - to administer Niduy; excomunicate
5) [line 30] A'GABA D'CHAMRA KALTINHU - [did] it obtain [a new status while it was riding] on the back of the donkey?

6) [line 33] KEVASHIN - vegetables used for pickling
7) [last line] TZO'AR - a city located in the Jordan Plain, probably on the southern bank of what is now the Dead Sea, mentioned in Bereishis 13:10, 19:22, and Devarim 34:3


8a) [line 1] BEIN HA'KEIFIN - [the dates that fell off and are found] between the palm branches
b) [line 2] BEIN HA'SHITZIN - [the dates that fell off and are found] between the low thorny branches of a palm tree

9a) [line 3] YEHUDAH - the district of Yehudah, approximately the area south of the modern-day road that connects Beis Shemesh with the Jerusalem - Tel-Aviv highway, and south of the modern-day highway from the Sha'ar ha'Gai intersection to Jerusalem
b) [line 3] EVER HA'YARDEN - the district of Ever ha'Yarden, modern-day Jordan (the Rambam, Hilchos Shemitah v'Yovel 7:9, identifies Ever ha'Yarden as the area of the lowlands and hills around Lod and Beis Choron, on the *west* bank of the Jordan River)
c) [line 3] GALIL - the district of the Galilee, including the upper and lower Galilee, and the area around Teveryah

10a) [line 10] KALAH LA'CHAYAH ASHER BA'SADEH - when a type of produce is no longer available to the wild animals which are in the field
b) [line 10] KALEH LI'VEHEMTECDHA MIN HA'BAYIS - make it no longer available for your domesticated animals by removing it from your house

11) [line 19] GARBA D'CHAMRA - a keg of wine
12a) [line 26] D'DAYIK V'GAMAR SHEMA'ATESA MI'PUMEI D'RABEI - he was extremely careful when he was learning with his teacher
b) [line 27] K'RACHBAH D'FUMDEDISA - like Rachbah of Pumbedisa who made sure that he knew correctly in whose name the teaching was said

13) [line 28] STAV KAFUL HAYAH - was a double colonnade
14) [line 30] "AMI B'ETZO YISH'AL, U'MAKLO YAGID LO" - "My people ask counsel of a piece of wood, and their staff declares to them!" (Hoshea 4:12) - This verse refers to a practice of witchcraft. Rav Yosef uses it to comment about Rav Safra's choice to favor the opinion of Rav Huna brei d'Rav Ika. Since Rav Huna's opinion is Meikil (lenient), Magid Lo (it speaks to him = Rav Safra)

15) [line 31] KATZ KAFNEYASA - cut down a date palm which had small dates growing on it, in order to use the wood of the tree

16) [line 33] HEICHAH D'NACHIS L'FEIRA - in a case where the tree bears ripened fruit
17) [line 35] MASCHELEI - the calyx (outer case) which surrounds a date in its early stage of development

18) [line 37] KUFREI - dates in their early stage of development
19) [line 39] SEMADAR - a grape in its budding stage
20) [last line] MISHE'YASHRISHU - from when the carob fruits appear as chains

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