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Pesachim 45

If two verses reveal the same law regarding two different subjects, we cannot apply the law elsewhere through a Binyan Av. Through the fact that the Torah found it necessary to repeat the law the second time, we may deduce that the law is not meant to be applied automatically in all situations.

2) [line 7] TE'ACHEL KA'CHAMUR SHE'BAH - the meat that absorbed from the Chatas shall be eaten with the stringencies of the Chatas which is the more stringent of the two; i.e. it may only be eaten for one day and the night afterwards by male Kohanim within the Azarah

3) [line 26] BATZEK - dough
4) [line 26] SHE'BE'SIDKEI AREIVAH - that is in the cracks of a kneading basin
5) [line 27] BATEL B'MI'UTO - it is nullified because of its minuteness
*6*) [line 29] CHOTZETZ - it prevents the bowl from becoming Tahor when it is immersed in a Mikvah, and it prevents it from becoming Tamei when a Sheretz is touched to the spot of dough. (See Gemara later, on 46a)

7) [line 31] ASUYIN L'CHAZEK - the dough is stuck in the bowl in a place where it serves to hold ("l'Chazek") water, or dough, in the bowl (RASHI, 45a, 45b DH Ela); alternatively, the dough is in a place where it serves to *strengthen* ("l'Chazek") the bowl (TOSFOS DH Ela -- see Chart)


8) [line 4] SAMI KILTA MEKAMEI CHAMIRTA - remove the lenient (first) Beraisa in favor of the stringent (second) Beraisa (since the lenient Beraisa is not correct)

9) [line 5] TANEI SHAKALT ME'ALMA? - have you removed all of the Tana'im from the world? (i.e. can you not find a Tana for the first Beraisa also?)

10) [line 7] SHE'IPSHAH - that became moldy
11) [line 7] L'SHOCHAKAH - to grind it
12) [line 8] UL'CHAME'A BAH ISOS ACHEIROS - and to leaven other doughs with it
13) [line 10] KOFES SE'OR - a block of heavily leavened dough
14) [line 13] SHE'YICHADAH L'YESHIVAH - that he designated as a seat
15) [line 12] TARTZAS - you answered the apparent contradiction between the Beraisas
16a) [line 14] A'GABAH D'AGANA - on the outer wall of the basin
b) [line 14] A'SIFSA D'AGANA - on the [inner] rim of the basin
17) [line 15] D'ATIF U'MATI L'HASAM - the dough rises and reaches the rim of the basin
18) [line 28] AREIVAS HA'ABDANIN - a tanner's trough

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