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Pesachim 17

PESACHIM 17 - Dedicated by Reb Mordechai Rabin (London/Yerushalayim)

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Gemara 17b [line 21]:
The word "v'ha'Tenan"
should be "v'ha'Tanya" (Dikdukei Sofrim #90 in the name of the Rishonim,
Rashash, Mar'eh Chohen, Yefeh Einayim. This is also the Girsa in the manuscripts)

1) [line 1] ISHTABESH KAHANEI - the Kohanim made a mistake
2) [line 3] MASHKEI BEI MADBECHAYA - liquids offered on the Mizbe'ach, i.e. water, blood, wine and oil

*3*) [line 12] BA'MEH SHE'NAGA BI'CHENAFO - that is, the bread touched another, unnamed, object which in turn touched the Sheretz (which is referred to as b'Chenafo in the verse, according to Rashi -- see Insights)

4) [line 20] "VA'YA'AN CHAGAI VA'YOMER, KEN HA'AM HA'ZEH V'CHEN HA'GOY HA'ZEH LEFANEI, NE'UM HA'SH-M, V'CHEN KOL MA'ASEH YEDEIHEM, VA'ASHER YAKRIVU SHAM TAMEI HU" - "Then Chagai answered and said, Such is this people, and such is this nation before me, says HaSh-m, and such is every deed of their hands, and that which they offer there is Tamei" (Chagai 2:14)


5) [line 21] SHE'YESH LAHEN ACHORAYIM V'TOCH - that their outside and inside can be used, e.g. a pillow case which can be turned inside out (RASH Kelim 25:1)

6) [line 22] KARIM - mattress-covers
7) [line 22] KESASOS - pillow-cases
8) [line 22] MARTZUFIN - (a) leather bags (RASHI), (b) large bags used to load goods on ships (RASH Kelim 25:1)

9) [line 38] MECHAVARTA K'D'SHANYAN ME'IKARA - it is clearly correct as we originally answered

10) [line 43] MEI CHATAS
(a) If a person (or utensil) became Tamei through touching a Mes, he must wait seven days to become Tahor. On the third and seventh days he must have spring water mixed with the ashes of the Parah Adumah (Mei Chatas) sprinkled on him. A person who is Tahor dips three hyssops that have been bound together into the mixture and sprinkles them on the person who is Tamei.
(b) Mei Chatas itself has the level of an Av ha'Tum'ah and is Metamei people and vessels (Bamidbar 19:21).

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