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Pesachim 15

1) [line 8] MEKOM HA'TURFAH - an exposed and unprotected place
2) [line 8] MEKOM HA'MUTZNA - a hidden, concealed place
3a) [line 14] GAS HA'ELYONAH - the upper part of the wine-press; the tub in which the grapes are placed [(O.F. mait) tub]
b) [line 14] TACHTONAH - the lower part of the wine-press; the pit which collects the juice


4) [line 1] PIGUL
(a) A sacrifice that was slaughtered with the intention of eating it or offering it after its allotted time becomes disqualified. Such a Korban is forbidden to be eaten as it states in Vayikra (7:18) "v'Im He'achol Ye'achel mi'Besar Zevach Shelamav ba'Yom ha'Shelishi Lo Yeratzeh, ha'Makriv Oso Lo Yechashev Lo, *Pigul* Yiheyeh." - ("If [the person bringing the offering plans] to eat it on the third day, [the sacrifice] will not be accepted. It is considered Pigul (putrid, rejected) and it will not be counted in his favor.")
(b) If a person eats Pigul intentionally he is Chayav Kares. If he eats it unintentionally he must bring a Korban Chatas. (Sefer ha'Chinuch Mitzvah 144)

5) [line 1] NOSAR
(a) If any meat of an animal of Kodshim remains after the time that was allotted for it to be eaten, it must be burned, as it states in Vayikra (19:6) "b'Yom Zivchachem Ye'achel umi'Macharas, *v'ha'Nosar* Ad Yom ha'Shelishi ba'Esh Yisaref." - ("It shall be eaten the same day that you slaughter it and on the next day, and anything that *remains* until the third day shall be burned in fire.")
(b) If someone eats Nosar intentionally he is Chayav Kares. If he eats it unintentionally, he must bring a Korban Chatas. (Sefer ha'Chinuch Mitzvah 215)

6) [line 6] LAV A'DA'ATEI - he (Rebbi Yosi) misunderstood his (Rebbi Meir's) opinion [as to the source of Rebbi Meir's statement]

7) [line 29] SHE'IPSHAH - that became moldy
*8*) [line 32] IY HACHI MAI MODEH - if so, what does Rebbi Yosi's statement, "Modim Rebbi Eliezer v'Rebbi Yehoshua," have to do with Rebbi Meir's proof? (This question of the Gemara -- as well as the following one -- is not related to the point that Rebbi Yochanan made about burning Terumah Tehorah during the seventh hour. Rather, it is a general question on anyone who maintains that Rebbi Meir of our Mishnah is proving his point from Rebbi Chanina Segan ha'Kohanim's testimony. In fact, this is the Gemara's very proof ("Dayka Nami, " 15a) to those who maintained earlier that Rebbi Meir is *not* proving his point from Rebbi Chanina Segan ha'Kohanim.

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