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Pesachim 7

1) [line 5] KURDNISA - Kurdistan
2) [line 13] ISAH MEGULGELES - a kneaded dough
3) [line 18] SHE'IPSHAH - that became moldy (and is unrecognizable)

4) [line 26] MA'ASER (MA'ASER SHENI)
(a) After Terumah Gedolah (see Background to Eruvin 31:9:a) is removed from a crop, the first tithe to be given every year is called Ma'aser Rishon. One tenth of the produce must be given to a Levi.
(b) A second tithe is given every year after Ma'aser Rishon has been separated. The second tithe that is separated in the third and sixth years of the 7-year Shemitah cycle is called Ma'aser Ani and is given to the poor.
(c) During the first, second, fourth and fifth years the second tithe is Ma'aser Sheni. The Torah requires that Ma'aser Sheni be brought and eaten by its owner in Yerushalayim. Alternatively, Ma'aser Sheni produce may be redeemed, and the money used to redeem it is brought to Yerushalayim. Food that is bought with that money in Yerushalayim becomes Kodesh like Ma'aser Sheni and must be eaten b'Taharah.

5) [line 28] L'HISKABED - to be swept
6) [line 29] KAMA'I KAMA'I AZLI LEI - the first coins have gone
7) [line 36] NAHAMA CHAMIMA - hot bread
8) [line 41] TZIBURIN - heaps, piles
9) [line 42] GUMA - a hole, crevice


10) [line 4] LO SAGYA D'LO IHU MAHIL!? - is he (the Mohel) the only person who was commanded to perform the circumcision?!

11) [line 26] "VA'YARATZ .." - "Then Achima'atz ran by the way of the plain, and overtook the Kushi." (Shmuel II 18:23)

12) [line 45] "NER ..." - "The spirit of man is the candle of HaSh-m, searching all the inward parts of the belly." (Mishlei 20:27)

13a) [line 50] NEHORA D'AVUKAH - the light of a torch
b) [line 50] NEHORA D'SHERAGA - the light of a candle

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