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Pesachim 4

*1*) [line 9] HA'HU D'AMAR DUNU DINI - (this is cited here because it demonstrates how a person's speech reflects on his personality, as was shown on Daf 3b.)

2a) [line 11] A'KEIF YAMA - on the sea shore
b) [line 12] ASISNI BIR'ASA - (a) I would build palaces (RASHI); (b) according to the Girsa ASANA BIR'ASA, thorn bushes at the sea shore are the equivalent of cypresses elsewhere (TESHUVOS HA'GA'ONIM, cited by RASHI)

3a) [line 24] LO LIFTACH B'IDNEI - he should not begin his set time of learning
b) [line 25] B'URSA D'TELEISAR D'NAGHEI ARBEISAR - on the night after the 13th of Nisan which is the eve of the 14th

4) [line 26] MASHCHAH LEI SHEMA'ATEI - his learning will carry him away (last a long time)

5) [line 29] CHAMIRA - Chametz
6) [line 33] CHOVAS HA'DAR - the obligation of the resident
7) [line 41] L'ATRUCHEI L'HAI, MAI - do we trouble the renter to check the house (even though it may have been checked)?


8) [line 1] HA'KOL CHAVERIM HEM - everyone is considered to be fastidious in keeping the laws

9) [line 3] MEGURAH - store room; bin
10) [line 12] BEDIKNEI - I checked it
11) [line 19] AGRA - a wage

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