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Prepared by P. Feldman
of Kollel Iyun Hadaf, Yerushalayim
Rosh Kollel: Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld

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Nedarim 29


(a) Question (Rav Hamnuna): To where did the Kedushah go?
1. If a man told a woman, 'Today you are my wife, tomorrow you are not' - does she cease to be his wife without a Get?!
(b) Answer (Rava): You cannot compare monetary Kedushah to intrinsic Kedushah!
1. Monetary Kedushah can vanish; intrinsic Kedushah cannot.
(c) Objection (Abaye): Also intrinsic Kedushah can vanish!
1. (Beraisa): 'This ox is a burnt-offering' for 30 days, after 30 days, it is a Shelamim' - for 30 days it is a burnt-offering; after that, a Shelamim.
2. We see, intrinsic Kedushah can vanish!
(d) Answer (Rava): The case is he said that the value of the ox should be for a burnt-offering.
(e) Question: If so, why does the end of the Beraisa say, 'After 30 days, this ox is a burnt-offering; from now, it is a Shelamim' (his words are fulfilled)?
1. We understand, if one is a case of intrinsic Kedushah, and the other, monetary Kedushah, it was needed to teach both cases.

i. One might have thought, intrinsic Kedushah cannot vanish, but monetary Kedushah can!
2. But if both deal with monetary Kedushah - why must 2 cases be taught?
i. If a severe Kedushah (a burnt-offering) can vanish, to be replaced by a light Kedushah (a Shelamim) - all the more so, a light Kedushah can vanish, to be replaced by a severe Kedushah!
(f) Suggestion: This refutes Bar Pada, who says that even monetary Kedushah cannot vanish.
(g) Rejection (Rav Papa): No - he can explain the Beraisa to say, had he not said 'It is a Shelamim from now', it would be a burnt-offering after 30 days.
1. This is as a man that tells a woman, 'You will be engaged to me after 30 days' - the engagement takes effect, even if the money is consumed in the meantime.
(h) Objection: This is obvious!
(i) Answer: No - we learn, even if in the meantime he wants to retract the engagement.
1. This fits well according to the opinion that she may not retract during the 30 days.
2. Question: According to the opinion that she may retract during the 30 days, we cannot give this answer!
3. Answer: Even that opinion admits here that he cannot retract, for saying that one will give something to Hekdesh is as handing over (an act of acquisition) to a person.
(j) (R. Avin and Rav Yitzchak b'Rebbi): According to Bar Pada we can resolve R. Hoshaya's question.
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