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Nedarim 90

1) [line 1] V'SHARKEI TINA - and he smeared him with mud (to prevent he from deriving physical benefit from anything, as per his vow)

2) [line 2] MAN CHAKIM L'ME'AVAD KI HA MILSA - who is so wise as to do this thing?

3) [line 7] "V'CHAFRAH HA'LEVANAH" - "Then the moon shall be confounded, and the sun ashamed, when HaSh-m shall reign in Mount Tziyon, and in Yerushalayim, and before his elders gloriously." (Yeshayah 24:23)


3) [line 12] TEME'AH ANI LACH - [the wife of a Kohen who tells her husband,] "I am prohibited to you [because I was raped]"

4) [line 12] HA'SHAMAYIM BEINI L'VEINECH - (lit. "The Heavens are between us") (a) it is only apparent to HaSh-m that you do not have the capabilities of producing children because your seed does not shoot out like an arrow (RAN, ROSH, TOSFOS, TOSFOS to Yevamos 112a); (b) it is only apparent to HaSh-m that you do not have relations with me like a normal husband (RASHI to Yevamos 112a)

5) [line 12] NETULAH ANI MIN HA'YEHUDIM - (lit. "I am removed from the Jewish people) I have made a vow prohibiting me from having relations with Jewish men (because relations are agonizing to me)

5) [line 14] U'MEKALELES AL BA'ALAH - and harm her husband (by making such a vow gaining her divorce and then having the vow annulled)

6) [line 16] YA'ASU DERECH BAKASHAH - They (Beis Din) ask her not to speak about him anymore; alternatively, they (Beis Din) tell him to make a festive meal with her and appease her; alternatively, they (Beis Din) entreat him to treat her normally during relations

7) [line 17] YAFER L'CHELKO - he should annul the part of the vow that pertains to him

8) [line 20] LA'AZ - false rumors of ill repute

15) [line 26] BADIK LAN RAVA - Rava tested us

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