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Nedarim 88

NEDARIM 87 & 88 (First days of Sukos) - dedicated by Mrs. G. Turkel (Rabbi Kornfeld's grandmother), an exceptional woman who accepted all of Hashem's Gezeiros with love and who loved and respected the study of Torah. Tehei Nafshah Tzerurah bi'Tzror ha'Chaim.

1) [line 3] KOL D'BAR MEI'AL L'YA'AR - any person who is capable of going into a forest

2) [line 11] HA'MADIR HANA'AH ME'CHASNO - one who makes a vow prohibiting his son-in-law from deriving benefit from him [according to the Tosfos Yom Tov the Girsa should be HA'MADIR HANA'AH *L'CHASNO* or the Girsa of the Mishnayos *HA'MUDAR* HANA'AH *ME'CHOSNO* (one who has had a Neder made about him, prohibiting him from receiving benefit from his father-in-law)

3) [line 11] ELA MAH SHE'AT NOSEIS V'NOSENES B'FICH - [they are yours as a gift] but only what you can take and place in your mouth

4) [line 17] KANAH YAS'HON BA'AL - her husband acquired them [and it is forbidden for the father to give them to his daughter]


(a) THE TORAH LAW - According to Torah law, in a courtyard (Chatzer) that has in it houses owned by different people, all of the neighbors may transfer objects from their houses to the courtyard and into other houses on Shabbos. Even though each house is a separately owned Reshus ha'Yachid and the Chatzer is a jointly owned Reshus ha'Yachid, it is permissible to move objects from one Reshus ha'Yachid to another.
(b) ERUV CHATZEIROS AND SHITUFEI MAVO'OS - King Shlomo decreed that transferring objects from one Reshus ha'Yachid to another is forbidden unless an *Eruv Chatzeiros* (lit. a mixing of the courtyard, Rambam Hil. Eruvin 1:6; or fraternization of the courtyard, Eruvin 49a) is created on Friday, before Shabbos begins (Shabbos 14b, Eruvin 21b). The equivalent of an Eruv Chatzeiros for an alley or a city is called a *Shituf Mavo'os*. This is accomplished by all of the neighbors collectively setting aside a loaf of bread, in one common container, in one of the houses of the courtyard (or, in the case of Shituf, in one of the courtyards of the alleyway). This shows that all neighbors have an equal share in all of the Reshuyos ha'Yachid, just as they all have a share in that bread. Through this act, they can be considered one Reshus again. (RAMBAM ibid. 1:4-9)

6) [line 4] MEZAKEH LAHEN - he transfers possession of it to them
7) [line 16] D'MIGO D'ZACHYA L'NAFSHAH, ZACHYA L'ACHARINEI - since she takes possession of the Shituf for herself (for her Chatzer), she takes possession of the Shituf for the other residents of the Mavoy as well

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