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Nedarim 62

1) [line 5] MARHON - their owner
2) [line 8] SANYUS MILSA - (a) [he said it out of] ill will (RAN, MEFARESH); (b) [it would have been] a wicked thing [for him to say otherwise] (ROSH)

3) [line 17] ACHTEI B'SAKA - he placed Rebbi Tarfon in a sack
4) [line 17] V'AMTEYEI L'MISHDEI B'NAHARA - and brought him [down to a river in order to ] to throw him into the river

5) [line 19] ARAK - he ran away
6) [line 24] "...U'VA'U VAH PARITZIM V'CHILELUHA." - "[I will also turn My face from them, and they shall profane My secret place;] for the robbers shall enter into it, and profane it." (Yechezkel 7:22) - Our Gemara interprets this verse as referring not only to the Beis ha'Mikdash, but to its utensils as well.

7) [line 25] "BEI B'LEILYA KETIL BELSHATZAR MALKA CHASDA'AH" - "That very night Belshatzar, the Chaldean king, was slain." (Daniel 5:30)

8) [line 35] ASEH DEVARIM L'SHEM PO'ALAM - Do things for the sake of He Who caused them to be done

9) [line 36] KURDOM - an axe or hatchet
10) [line 37] ODER - to hoe
11) [line 38] L'ODO'EI NAFSHEI - to let people know who he is (e.g. that he is G-d-fearing or that he is a great Talmid Chacham)

12) [line 41] SHARU LI TIGRAI B'REISHA - (lit. free my conflict first) judge my case first


13) [line 1] LIFTO'ACH RISHON - to be the first one to read from the Sefer Torah
14) [line 3] LO YEHIVNA A'KARGA - I refuse to give money for the head-tax
15) [line 4] "...MINDA, VELO, VA'HALACH LA SHALIT LE'MIRMEI ALEIHO(N)[M]" - "[We also notify you that it shall not be lawful] to impose toll, tribute or custom [upon any of the priests and Levites, singers, gate keepers, servants, or ministers of this house of HaSh-m.]" (Ezra 7:24)

16) [line 5] MENAS HA'MELECH - property tax (ROSH)
17) [line 5] KESEF GULGALTA - head-tax
18) [line 6] ARNONA - (a) meals provided for the king when he is traveling (RAN, 1st explanation); (b) a yearly share of crops or animals given to the king (ROSH, RAN, 2nd explanation)

19) [line 7] AVDA D'NURA ANA - I am the servant [of a priest] of fire-worshippers

20) [line 9] HAHU IBA - a certain forest
21) [line 10] ZABNEI L'VEI NURA - he sold it to a church of fire-worshippers
22) [line 15] "AD HA'GESHAMIM," "AD SHE'YEHU HA'GESHAMIM" - that is, if a person makes *either one* of these statements

23) [line 16] REVI'AH SHENIYAH - the second rains of the season
24) [last line] AD ZEMAN GESHAMIM KA'AMAR - (a) until the time of the first rains (TOSFOS, ROSH); (b) until the time of the second rains (RAN); (c) until the time of the third rains (RAMBAM)

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