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Nedarim 51

NEDARIM 51 - dedicated anonymously in honor of Kollel Iyun Hadaf, and in honor of those who study the Dafyomi around the world.

1) [line 1] DIKULA - basket
2) [line 2] CHAFYEI CHUFRA - he covered it with pitch
3) [line 2] SACHAFEI AL RFEISHEI - he overturned it on his head
4) [line 3] LEICHIL LI MAR - let the master (Rebbi) measure for me
5) [line 3] D'RASHINA BACH - that I am claiming from you (that you owe me)
6) [line 7] KIRKANI - (a) singing, croaking (RAN); (b) pouring water into a cup of wine, i.e. diluting it to make it fit to drink (MEFARESH)

7) [line 10] D'HACHEIN HU TO'EVAH - that this [case] is the To'evah [to which the Torah is referring]

8) [line 11] PARSHEI AT - [Then] you explain it!
9) [line 12] TEISI DEVISCHI - let your wife come
10) [line 12] TIRMI LI NATLA - let her pour me (lit. dilute for me) a cup of wine
11) [line 13] KUM REKOD LI D'EIMAR LACH - get up and dance for me and then I will tell you

12a) [line 14] HACHI AMAR RACHAMANA, TO'EVAH - This is what the Torah states -- "To'evah" [means]...
b) [line 14] TO'EH ATAH BAH - "You are straying from her (your wife)."

13) [line 15] KI INYANA KADMA'AH - like the first episode
14a) [line 16] IVEID LI D'OMAR LACH - do for me that which I will tell you to do
b) [line 16] AVAD - he did it

15) [line 17] TAVLIN YESH BAH - (a) "Is there any spice in it?" i.e. Does it have any flavor? (RAN, MEFARESH); (b) There is an undesirable mixture in it (SHITAH MEKUBETZES)

16) [line 17] MI SHANYA... - Why is it different... i.e. What could be appealing about this relationship?

17) [line 20] ZO, MAH HI - "This woman, what is her status?" i.e. From whom has she become pregnant? (RAN)

18) [line 20] LO YACHIL BEN EL'ASHAH L'MISBAL - Ben El'ashah could not bear the disgrace of Rebbi

19) [line 24] "...KASOM YICHSEMU ES ROSHEIHEM" - "[And they shall not shave their heads, nor let their locks grow long;] they shall only trim their heads." (Yechezkel 44:20)

20) [line 25] KE'EIN LULEYANIS - like the Lulian (Julian) style of hair- cutting; clipped hair

21) [line 26] TISPARTA YECHIDASA - a special haircut
22) [line 30] KARA KURKUZA'I - a pumpkin of Karkuz
23) [line 31] REMETZ - hot ashes left from coals


24) [line 1] KAVUSH - pickled, preserved
25) [line 3] SHALUK - thoroughly cooked
26) [line 7] HEICHIN MASHMA? - what meaning does it have?
27) [line 8] TIBA'I - the problems stands unanswered (this is the equivalent of "Teiku" in other places in the Gemara)

28) [line 8] TZELI - roasted
29) [line 14] TEFALIM - unsalted
30a) [line 15] TARIS - (O.F. tonine) tuna (TOSFOS, RASHI to Megilah 6a)
b) [line 15] TERUFAH - (a) hashed (RAN); (b) cut into pieces (ROSH, BARTENURA, MEFARESH)
31) [line 15] TZIR - (a) fish oil that exudes from salted fish, which is mixed with their innards (RAN); (b) water that comes out of salted fish (BARTENURA)

32) [line 15] UBE'TZIR *[UBE'MURYIS]*. HA'NODER... - (the Bach #2 adds this word based upon the Girsa of the Mishnayos and of our Gemara)

33) [line 16] TZACHANAH - (a) a mixture of salted small fish, the majority of which are whole, and the rest hashed (RAN); (b) hashed fish (TOSFOS 1st explanation, ROSH)

34) [line 17] MURYIS - oil that exudes from salted fish (RAN, BARTENURA), which have no innards mixed in them (RAN, TOSFOS)

35) [line 17] ASUR B'TZIR UBE'MURYIS - (this is the Girsa of the ROSH and the MEFARESH. The RAN and TOSFOS, however, are Gores *MUTAR* B'TZIR UBE'MURYIS)

36) [line 28] B'NEDARIM HALECH ACHAR LESHON BENEI ADAM - interpret the words of a Neder based on their colloquial usage

37a) [line 29] TZICHIN - the word for the plural of Tzachanah (RAN)
b) [line 29] TZICHIN, MAI? - Does a person who makes a Neder not to eat "Tzichin" refer to all fish products (in which case Tzir and Muryis will be included in the Neder) or does he have the same intent as someone who uses the word "Tzachanah," (and Tzir and Muryis will not be included in the Neder)?

38) [line 30] KUM - whey

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