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Nedarim 41

1) [line 1] SHATI'ACH - a leather mat [for sitting and eating and for sleeping]
2) [line 4] REVAV - oil, fat [in which to dip one's bread]
3) [line 6] D'DA BEI, KOLA BEI - someone who has this [knowledge] in him, has everything in him

4) [line 7] DA KANI, MAH CHASER? - If someone acquires this, what is he lacking?
5) [line 11] YEMEI ALUMAV - the days of his youth [when he was clean from sin]
6) [line 12] "RUTAFASH BESARO MI'NO'AR, YASHUV LI'YEMEI ALUMAV." - "His flesh shall be smoother than a child's; he shall return to the days of his youth;" (Iyov 33:25)

7) [line 13] "...KOL MISHKAVO HAFACHTA V'CHOLYO." - "[HaSh-m will strengthen him on his sick bed;] whenever he is prostrate You will heal all his illnesses." (Tehilim 41:4)

8) [line 15] I'AKAR LEI LIMUDEI - he forgot his Torah-learning (lit. his learning was uprooted. According to the Girsa *I'YAKAR* LEI LIMUDEI - his learning became heavy -- RAN)

9) [line 19] TELAS ESREI APEI HILCHESA - the Halachah with thirteen different approaches
10) [line 22] KATZRA - a clothes-washer
11) [line 31] "L'MISHPATECHA AMDU HA'YOM, KI HA'KOL AVADECHA." - "They (the heavens and the earth) continue this day according to Your ordinances; for all are Your servants." (Tehilim 119:91)

12) [line 32] HAVAH RACHIV GIRDUNA ZUTRA - he was riding a small mule
13) [line 32] MATA TITURA - he came to a bridge
14) [line 32] ISTAVIT - (a) the mule went mad (RAN); (b) the mule got frightened (ROSH)

15) [line 32] SHADYEI - threw him off
16) [line 34] (KERUKISA D')AKRABA- (The Ein Yakov deletes Kerukisa) a scorpion
17) [line 34] YESIVA AL AKRUKASA - sitting on the back of a frog (scorpions cannot swim)

18) [line 34] TERAKA - it stung
19) [line 36] SHE'CHALATZTO CHAMAH - who has developed fever
20) [line 38] MECHUSHEI HA'ROSH - people with head aches
21) [line 38] KISUFA - shame, embarrassment
22) [line 39] DIBURA KASHYA L'EINA - speech is detrimental to the eyes
23) [line 39] U'MA'ALI L'EISHASA - and beneficial for fever
24) [last line] PARVANKA D'MAL'ACHA D'MOSA - the agent of the Angel of Death
25) [last line] MA'ALEI K'CHIZRA L'DIKLEI - it benefits [a person] like the small prickly shoots that grow at the base of a palm tree benefit the palm tree [to protect it from animals]


26) [line 1] V'CHI TIRYAKEI L'GUFA - and like serum for a snake bite (MEFARESH)
27) [line 4] IRSAN - see next entry
28) [line 5] CHUSHLA D'SA'AREI ATIKTA - husked aged barley
29) [line 5] D'REISH NAFYA - from the first sifting
30) [line 6] BA'AYAN BISHULA - they need to be cooked
31) [line 7] SEMIDEI D'SA'AREI ATIKTA - very fine flour made from old barley
32) [line 9] BORDAM - one who has an illness (a) that causes him to excrete blood; (b) that is called quinsy (O.F. bon malant), a severe development of heat, pain, redness, swelling and bleeding in the throat; (c) According to the Girsa *BORDAS* - severe diarrhea

33) [line 19] AMBATI - bathing tub
34) [line 23] TAMCHUY - a large plate or tray
35) [line 24] TAMCHUY HA'CHOZER - a plate or tray that [is so full that after everyone at the table has taken his share, it] comes back to the head of the household [with food on it]

36) [line 33] EVUS - a large vessel into which the head of the household puts vegetables and from which all the workers eat together

37) [line 34] UMAN - furrow
38) [last line] MARPEI - softens

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