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Nedarim 40

1a) [line 4] KIBDU - they swept
b) [line 5] RIBTZU - they sprinkled the floor with water in order to make the dust settle

2) [line 15] YOMA KADMA'A D'CHALISH - on the first day that he would become sick
3) [line 15] LO SIGLU L'INISH - do not reveal my sickness to any person
4) [line 16] D'LO LISRA MAZALEI - so that his fortune should not go bad
5) [line 17] PUKU V'ACHRIZU B'SHUKA - go out and announce in the marketplace [that Rava is sick]

6) [line 18] D'SANI LI - who hates me
7) [line 18] LE'CHEDEI LI - should be happy about me (and thereby I will incur the mercy of Heaven)

8) [line 19] UD'RACHIM LI - and anyone who loves me
9) [line 21] "ASHREI MASKIL EL DAL, B'YOM RA'AH YEMALTEHU HASH-M." - "Praiseworthy is he who takes the needy into account, on the day of evil HaSh-m will deliver him." (Tehilim 41:2)

10) [line 23] "...MI'DALAH YEVATZ'ENI..." - "[(I thought that) My dwelling is plucked up, and removed from me as a shepherd's tent; that I had shortened my life like a weaver;] He (HaSh-m) cuts me off through this sickness; [from day to night You make an end of me.]" (Yeshayah 38:12)

11) [line 25] "KOL PA'AL HASH-M LA'MA'ANEIHU, V'GAM RASHA L'YOM RA'AH." - "HaSh-m has made all things for Himself (for His praise); even the wicked for the day of evil." (Mishlei 16:4)

12) [line 28] "HASH-M YISHMEREHU VI'YECHAYEHU, V'USHAR BA'ARETZ..." - "HaSh-m will preserve him, and keep him alive; he is called happy on earth; and You will not deliver him to the will of his enemies." (Tehilim 41:3)

13) [line 31] K'NA'AMAN SHE'RIPU ES TZARATO - like [the friends] of Na'aman who cured his Tzara'as [through their good advice] (see Melachim II 5:1-19, especially verse 13)

14) [line 31] K'RECHAVAM, SHE'CHILKU ES MALCHUSO - like [the friends of] Rechav'am, who divided his kingdom. Upon the death of Shlomo ha'Melech, Rechav'am, his son, took the counsel of his young advisors to increase the high tax and hard labor that Shlomo had instituted (Melachim I 12:14). As a result, ten tribes rebelled under the leadership of Yerav'am ben Nevat of the tribe of Efrayim, and made him their king, as recorded in Melachim I 11:26-12:20. In order to prevent the people of the ten tribes of Israel from returning to the leadership of the Davidic kings (whose region of sovereignty became subsequently known as the kingdom of Yehudah), Yerav'am outlawed the Mitzvah of Aliyah l'Regel (traveling to the Beis ha'Mikdash for Pesach, Shavu'os and Sukos). Instead, he set up two golden calves (ibid. I 12:28), one in Beis El and one in Dan, and proclaimed that they should be served.

15) [line 35] LO LIS'OD INISH KETZIRA - one should not visit a sick person
16) [line 35] BI'TELAS SHA'EI KADMAISA - during the first three hours of the day
17) [line 36] D'LO LEISACH DA'ATEI MIN RACHAMEI - so that he should not take his mind off prayer (i.e. give up hope)

18) [line 37] RAVCHA DA'ATEI - he feels better [such that one might think that he has recovered]

19) [line 37] TAKIF CHULSHEI - his sickness is so intense [that one might think that he has no hope]

20) [line 38] ZAN ES HA'CHOLEH - nourishes a sick person
21) [line 38] "HASH-M YIS'ADENU AL ERES DEVAI..." - "HaSh-m will fortify him on the bed of his misery..." (Tehilim 41:4)

22) [line 43] MITRA B'MA'ARAVA, SAHADA RABAH PERAS - the rise of the Euphrates is testimony that rain has fallen in the vicinity of Eretz Yisrael

23) [line 43] NAHARA MI'KIFEI MISBARICH - A river's own underground source (lit. its rock) is what causes its water level to periodically increase (and not an influx of rainwater)

24) [last line] ZOCHALIN (NOTFIN / ZOCHALIN)
(a) Rainwater (Notfin) is Metaher (purifies) if it is collected in a cavity, or "b'Ashboren," a fact that is learned from Vayikra 11:36, where the verse states that a "Mikveh Mayim" (an accumulation of water) purifies. While the rainwater is flowing (down a slope, for example,) it cannot be Metaher.
(b) Spring water is Metaher both while it is flowing (Zochalin) as in a river, and when it is collected in a cavity.
(c) Avuha d'Shmuel felt that during the month of Nisan the rivers swell from an influx of rainwater and melting snow. The rivers may contain a majority of Notfin, making them invalid for Taharah while flowing. He therefore constructed Mikva'os in which to immerse.


25) [line 2] MIKVA'OS - pools of rainwater
26) [line 3] MAFTZEI - mats
27) [last line] "KELEI GOLAH" - "[Therefore, son of man, prepare for yourself] baggage for exile, [and leave by day in their sight; and you shall leave from your place to another place in their sight. Perhaps they will perceive, though they are a rebellious house.]" (Yechezkel 12:3)

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