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Nedarim 39


1) [line 7] ARISAN - their beds
2) [line 15] "B'TEREM HARIM YULADU...TASHEV ENOSH AD DAKA, VA'TOMER SHUVU VENEI ADAM" - "Before the mountains were brought forth, [before You had formed the earth and the world, for ever and ever, You are HaSh-m. You turn man [from strength] to frailty, and You say, 'Return, (i.e. repent) children of man.'" (Tehilim 90:2-3) - "Until frailty" also implies "until man's heart becomes frail before HaSh-m."

3) [line 18] "MI'KEDEM" - (lit. "eastward") "beforehand" (Bereishis 2:8)
4) [line 18] "KI ARUCH..." - "For its hearth has been prepared long ago; yes, for the king it is in readiness. He has made it deep and large; its bonfire is of much fire and wood. The breath of HaSh-m, like a stream of brimstone, kindles it." (Yeshayahu 30:33) - Although the prophecy deals with the downfall of the Assyrian king Sancheriv and the destruction of his army during their siege of Yerushalayim in the time of King Chizkiyahu, Chazal also interpret this verse as referring to the punishment of all sinners in Gehinom.

5) [line 21] "YEHI SHEMO..." - "May his name endure forever; may his name continue as long as the sun..." (Tehilim 72:17)

6) [line 24] IY HACHA LO MIKRAV PUMA, L'HACHA LIKRAV - if the mouth of the earth is not near here, then it should move to here

7) [line 26] "SHEMESH YARE'ACH AMAD ZEVULAH..." - "The sun and moon stood still in their habitation; at the light of Your arrows as they speed, and at the shining of Your glittering spear." (Chabakuk 3:11)

8) [line 27] ZEVUL - the fourth of the seven heavens
9a) [line 34] CHITZIM - arrows
b) [line 34] CHANITOS - spears

10) [line 40] LEI'ALUN SHITIN V'LUKMUHA - sixty people should come to visit him and make him well (lit. make him get up from his sick bed)

11) [line 40] K'ISURYASA D'VEI REBBI - like the portions of *one tenth* (of a man's possessions) that a daughter takes from the inheritance when she gets married, according to Rebbi. As the Gemara goes on to explain, each successive daughter takes one tenth of the remaining inheritance. Similarly, each person that comes to visit removes one sixtieth of the remaining sickness

12) [line 41] BEN GILO - someone who is born on the same day and under the same Mazal (cosmic influences)

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