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Nedarim 32

1) [line 1] MALON - inn
2) [line 4] "...KI CHASAN DAMIM ATAH LI" - "[Then Tziporah took a sharp stone, and cut off the foreskin of her son, and threw it at his feet, and said,] 'Surely a bridegroom of blood are you to me.'" (Shemos 4:25) - Raban Shimon ben Gamliel learns that the word "Chasan" (bridegroom) in this verse refers to the baby. As such, it translates as "celebrity."

3) [line 7] AF V'CHEIMAH - angels of destruction named Af and Chaimah - anger and rage

4) [line 9] "VA'YIREF MIMENU" - "So he let him go; [then she said, 'A bridegroom of blood you are, because of the circumcision.]'" (Shemos 4:26) - Rabbi Yehudah bar Bizna learns that the word "Chasan" (bridegroom) refers to Moshe Rabeinu.

5) [line 14] GUNDA D'CHEIMAH - the army of Cheimah
6) [line 22] "IM LO VERISI YOMAM VA'LAILAH, CHUKOS SHAMAYIM VA'ARETZ LO SAMTI" - "If not for my covenant by day and by night, I would not have established the ordinances (laws of nature) of heaven and earth." (Yirmeyahu 33:25)

7) [line 31] NISKARERAH DA'ATO - he was appeased
8) [line 33] TZEI ME'ITZTAGNINUS SHELCHA - step out of your astrological influence
9) [line 35] HA'MASMIM ATZMO - one who makes himself unquestioning
10) [line 37] "TITAMAM" - "you will show yourself upright." (Shmuel II 22:26)

11) [line 38] SHA'AH OMEDES LO - (lit. his time comes) he reaches greatness
12) [line 39] KOL HA'MENACHESH, LO NACHASH - he who deals in witchcraft, will be pursued by the spirits

13) [line 43] ANAGARYA - hard work
14) [line 44] "VA'YAREK ES CHANICHAV YELIDEI VEISO..." - "[And when Avram heard that his brother was taken captive,] he armed his trained servants, born in his own house, [three hundred and eighteen, and pursued them to Dan.]" (Bereishis 14:14)

15) [line 44] SHE'HIFRIZ AL MIDOSAV SHEL HAKADOSH BARUCH HU - he questioned the traits of HaSh-m to too great a degree

16) [line 46] SHE'HORIKAN B'TORAH - (a) he encouraged them to learn Torah; (b) he emptied them of Torah by sending them to war

17) [line 46] SHE'HORIKAN B'ZAHAV - he showered them with gold
18) [line 47] D'CHUSHBENEI HACHI HEVEI - such (318) is the Gematria [of Eliezer]


19) [line 7] "IR KETANAH VA'ANASHIM BAH ME'AT, U'VA ELEHA MELECH GADOL V'SAVAV OSAH, U'VANAH ALEHA METZODIM (VA'CHARAMIM) [GEDOLIM]. U'MATZA VAH ISH MISKEN (V')CHACHAM U'MILAT HU ES HA'IR B'CHOCHMASO, V'ADAM LO ZACHAR ES HA'ISH HA'MISKEN HA'HU." - "There was a little city, and few men in it; and there came a great king against it, and besieged it, and built great siege works against it. And a poor wise man was found in it, and he by his wisdom delivered the city; yet no man remembered that poor man." (Koheles 9:14-15)

20) [line 15] "HA'CHOCHMAH TA'OZ LE'CHACHAM ME'ASARAH SHALITIM [ASHER HAYU BA'IR]" - "Wisdom strengthens the wise more than ten rulers [who are in the city.]" (Koheles 7:19)

21) [line 26] "[L'DAVID MIZMOR] NE'UM HASH-M LA'DONI SHEV LI'YMINI, AD ASHIS OYEVECHA HADOM L'RAGLECHA." - "[A Psalm of David.] HaSh-m says to my master, 'Sit at My right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.'" (Tehilim 110:1)


22) [line 31] HA'MUDAR HANA'AH ME'CHAVEIRO - a person (Reuven) whose friend (Shimon) made a vow that he (Reuven) may not derive any benefit from his friend (Shimon)

23) [line 31] DERISAS HA'REGEL - setting foot into his house or courtyard
24a) [line 33] NAPAH - a sieve
b) [line 33] KEVARAH - a sieve for sifting grain (TIFERES YISRAEL to Shabbos 8:2)
c) [line 33] REICHAYIM - a mill
d) [line 33] TANUR - an oven
25) [line 33] CHALUK - a cloak
26) [line 33] NEZAMIM - earrings or nose rings
27) [last line] VITUR - (a) something which a person forgoes, e.g. a merchant's customary addition to an exact measure (MEFARESH, RAN); (b) [the use of] things that a person would normally let another person use without asking permission (RASHI to Megilah 8a)

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