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Nedarim 30

1) [line 15] SHE'DARKO L'FARESH - who often sails [the high seas]


2) [line 1] D'HALEIN YOSHVEI YABASHAH NINHU - that these [people] are [called] land dwellers

3) [line 6] L'YABASHAH SALIK - he eventually returns (lit. goes up) to dry land
4) [line 10] SHECHOREI HA'ROSH - people whose heads are covered with black hair
5) [line 11] KERCHIN - bald people
6) [line 11] BA'ALEI SEIVOS - people who have white hair because of their old age
7) [line 16] MICHSU REISHAIHU - their heads are covered (and their hair is not seen)

8a) [line 18] YILODIM - those who have been born
b) [line 19] NOLADIM - those who will be born
9a) [line 28] D'MISYALDAN - those who will be born
b) [line 30] (D'ISYALDAN) [D'MISYALDIN] - (the Bach changes the Girsa)
10) [line 31] DI'YELIDU - those who have been born (the Girsa of the Yalkut Shimoni is *D'YALDEI*)

11) [line 34] B'NEDARIM HALECH ACHAR LESHON BENEI ADAM - interpret the words of a Neder based on their colloquial usage

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