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Nedarim 27

1) [line 1] BENOS SHU'ACH - usually, Benos Shu'ach are identified with a species of inferior white figs, the trees of which produce fruits over a 3-year period (Berachos 40b, Rosh Hashanah 15b, Bechoros 8a). However, the figs of our Gemara are a superior strain and are probably not white (ROSH, TOSFOS to Bechoros 8a DH Benos -- see there where Tosfos differentiates between them, calling the inferior dates Benos Shu'ach and the superior dates Benos *Sheva*, which is also his Girsa in our Gemara. See also the MEFARESH here)

2) [line 18] D'ATPIS ZACHVASA B'VEI DINA - who hands over to Beis Din all of the documents that show his rights, with the stipulation that he will return within 30 days, and if not, he forfeits the documents


3) [line 4] PASKEI MABERA - the ferry stopped him [from crossing the river, since it was at the other side of the river at the time]

4) [line 4] CHAZU D'ASAI! - See that I have come!
5) [line 5] LO SHEMEI MASYA - it is not considered coming
6) [line 6] ONSA D'MIGALYA SHANI - an accident that is expected (lit. easily visible)

7) [line 16] ASMACHTA KANYA
(a) Asmachta refers to "reliance" upon a particular eventuality or a conditional [monetary] obligation which the parties involved undertake without full commitment. The reason that the parties involved do not commit themselves fully is because their obligation is contingent upon the fulfillment of a condition that each party anticipates will not be fulfilled. An example of this is when gamblers place wagers, whereas neither of them expect to lose the wager.
(b) The Tana'im (Bava Basra 168a) argue as to whether such a commitment is binding or not. Our Gemara concludes that Asmachta *is* binding when there is no coercion and a proper Kinyan is made in an important Beis Din.

8) [line 19] HARAGIN - robbers who are willing to kill to get money
9) [line 19] CHARAMIN - robbers who do not kill
10) [line 19] MOCHSIN - tax-collectors

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