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Nedarim 15

NEDARIM 14 & 15 - The Sichel family of Baltimore Maryland has dedicated two Dafim, in prayer for a Refu'ah Shelemah for Mrs. Sichel, Miriam bas Shprintza -- may she have a speedy and full recovery.

1) [line 1] KI LO MIZDAHIR BI'TENA'AH - a person is not careful to keep a stipulation (even if the time of the stipulation follows the time of the Isur of his Neder, and he has already done an action during the time of Isur that will retroactively break his Neder once he does not keep the stipulation)

2) [line 16] ALMA ISEI D'NAYIM - as such, we see that a person does sleep [during the time of Isur of His Neder]


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