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Nedarim 8

1) [line 4] L'ZARUZEI NAFSHEI - to motivate himself
*2*) [line 9] D'AFILU ZERUZEI B'ALMA - (The word "d'Afilu" is not necessary; see RASHASH. Alternatively, the Gemara means that "even" to teach us that one may motivate himself with such a Neder is not necessary -- SHALMEI NEDARIM)

3) [line 18] D'SANU HILCHESA - who have learned Gemara
4) [line 18] MASNU V'LO SANU - to have learned Mishnah but not Gemara
5) [line 20] PARASHAS DERACHIM - a crossroad
6) [line 21] AD D'MIKLA'EI LEI - until he has met (lit. until there have chanced upon him)

7) [line 22] MAHU D'LISHREI LEI - can he revoke the excommunication [that was administered in a dream]?

8a) [last line] BAR - grain
b) [last line] TEVEN - straw


9) [line 4] CHARATAS ISHTO - the regret of his wife (HATARAS NEDARIM)
(a) When an adult makes a Neder (or designates Chalah, Terumah or Kodshim) or Nezirus, and he regrets having made the Neder (Charatah), he may have it revoked by a Beis Din of three (if they are not outstanding authorities) or a Yachid Mumcheh (an outstanding authority). The general method used is that Beis Din investigates whether the person would not have made the Neder in the first place had he been aware of a particular fact. This investigation provides the person with a "Pesach" (opening) with which the Beis Din can revoke the Neder.
(b) Ravina asked Rav Ashi whether a husband can be his wife's agent in Beis Din to find a Pesach of Charatah for her Neder.

10) [line 4] MECHANFIN - assembled, sitting as a court

11) [line 8] YACHID MUMCHEH
(a) See above, entry #9a.
(b) There is a Machlokes Rishonim as to the status of a Yachid Mumcheh. The RAN rules that he must be an outstanding Torah authority well versed in the laws of Nedarim. Others rule that in addition to the previous, the scholar must also have Semichah.

12) [line 16] CHIRGA D'YOMA MASI - dust particles that are seen in sunlight are healing

13) [line 17] NARTIKAH - its sheath
14) [line 18] "V'ZARCHAH LACHEM YIR'EI SHEMI SHEMESH [TZEDAKAH U'MARPEI BI'CHNAFEHA...]" - "But to you who fear My name the sun [of righteousness shall arise with healing in its wings...]" (Malachi 3:20)

15) [line 19] SHE'MIS'ADNIN BAH - the will be rejuvenated by it
16) [line 19] "...V'YTZASEM U'FISHTEM K'EGLEI MARBEK" - "...and you shall go forth leaping like calves from the stall." (Malachi 3:20)

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