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Prepared by Rabbi P. Feldman
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Rosh Kollel: Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld

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Nazir 54


1. It was taught, a sealed coffin imparts Tum'ah to anything above or below it.
(b) (Beraisa): "One who touches a bone or a corpse ..."
1. "A bone" - this is a bone the size of a barley seed.
2. "Or a corpse" - this is a limb detached from a living person without sufficient flesh.
3. "Or a dead person" - this is a limb detached from a corpse
4. (Reish Lakish): "Or a grave" - this is a grave before the Torah was given.
(c) Question: What is the case of a limb from a corpse?
1. Suggestion: If it has a bone the size of a barley seed - this was learned from "A bone"!
(d) Answer: Rather, it lacks a bone the size of a barley seed, yet the verse says that it imparts Tum'ah (as Reish Lakish (53B), unlike R. Yochanan).
(e) Rejection (R. Yochanan): Really, it has a bone the size of a barley seed.
1. "A bone" taught that one who touches a bone becomes Tamei; "Or a dead person" teaches that one who moves a limb with a bone becomes Tamei.
(a) (Mishnah): He is sprinkled on days 3 and 7 and nullifies the days guarded ...
(b) Question: When the Mishnah says 'Until he becomes Tahor' - does this mean, until dark on the 7th day, as R. Eliezer?
1. Or, does it mean until he brings sacrifices on day 8, as Chachamim?
(c) Answer: Since the coming Mishnah says 'he resumes Nezirus immediately', we infer that this Mishnah means until he brings sacrifices.
1. This is as Chachamim, who say that Nezirus of Taharah only begins on day 8.
(a) (Mishnah): A Nazir that became Tamei through any of the following does not shave and bring sacrifices as a Tamei Nazir, and does not nullify the days counted; he is sprinkled on days 3 and 7, and immediately resumes counting:
1. Schachos or Pera'os (explained later);
2. A field in which a grave was lost or plowed;
3. Chutz La'aretz;
4. A cover of a coffin (Tosfos - a monument) or its supporting stones;
5. A Revi'is of blood;
6. Being in a tent with 1/4 Kav of bones;
7. Vessels that touched a corpse,
8. The 7 days a leper counts from when re-entering the city until final purification, and the days of absolute leprosy (when he had to leave the city).

(b) A tradition from Moshe from Mount Sinai teaches that days of Zivah and a leper that was closed off (i.e. is waiting to see if his leprosy will become absolute) count towards Nezirus.
(c) (Gemara): Schachos are trees (whose foliage) hangs over the ground; Pera'os are rocks protruding from a wall.
(d) (Mishnah): Chutz La'aretz ...
(e) Question: What is the mechanics of the decree that one who enters Chutz La'aretz is Tamei?
1. Is it because he enters the air of Chutz La'aretz?
2. Or, because he towers above the soil?
(f) Answer (Mishnah): He is sprinkled on days 3 and 7.
1. If the decree was because he enters the air, there would be no reason to be sprinkled!
2. Rather, we must say that it is on account of the soil.
(g) Rejection: Really, the decree is because of the air; when the Mishnah says that he is sprinkled on days 3 and 7, it refers to the other Tum'os.
1. Presumably, this is correct, for the Mishnah also lists vessels that touched a corpse, and one is not sprinkled for these!
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