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Prepared by Rabbi P. Feldman
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Rosh Kollel: Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld

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Nazir 14


1. If you will say by short Nezirus, since only 10 days remain, they cannot join with the first 20 (so he did not want the Nezirus to start within the 20 days) - but by 100 day Nezirus, since 80 days remain, they join to the 1st 20.
2. Or, perhaps he does not want to interrupt the Nezirus?
(b) Question #2: If you will say (a long Nezirus) starts right away - what if he accepted Nezirus after 20 days, and to be a Nazir Olam right away - does it take effect right away?
(c) Question #3: If you will say yes, since the Nezirus after 20 days can be annulled (by a Chacham) through regret - what if he accepted Nezirus Shimshon after 20 days, and to be a Nazir right away?
1. Nezirus Shimshon cannot be annulled - does the (regular) Nezirus take effect?
(d) Question #4: 'I am as Moshe on the 7th of Adar' is he a Nazir?
1. We can answer Question #1 (14B) from the following Beraisa.
2. (Beraisa): 'I will be a Nazir after 20 days, and I am a Nazir from now for 100 days' - he counts 20 days (of the long Nezirus), then 30 days of Nezirus, then completes 80 days (of the long Nezirus).
(a) (The man in the Mishnah) became Tamei while counting the Nezirus of his son.
(b) (R. Yochanan): This also nullifies the days he counted towards his own Nezirus.
(c) (Reish Lakish): The days he counted towards his own Nezirus stand.
1. R. Yochanan says all the days are nullified, because they are as 1 long Nezirus.
2. Reish Lakish says the 1st days are not nullified, because it is as a separate Nezirus.

(d) A Nazir became an absolute leper, and became Tamei at this time.
(e) (R. Yochanan): This nullifies the days of Nezirus that he counted.
(f) (Reish Lakish): They are not nullified.
1. R. Yochanan says they are nullified, because he is in the midst of Nezirus.
2. Reish Lakish says they are not nullified, because the period of being an (absolute) leper is distinct from the Nezirus.
(g) It was necessary to argue in both cases.
1. If they only argued by the 2 Neziruyos - one might have thought, there R. Yochanan says all the days are nullified, since they are as 1 Nezirus, but by the case of a leper, he admits to Reish Lakish that the days of leprosy are distinct from the Nezirus.
2. If they only argued by the case of a leper - one might have thought, there Reish Lakish says that the days stand, but by the 2 Neziruyos, he admits to R. Yochanan.
(a) A Nazir became Tamei on the day of growing his hair (after finishing the term of Nezirus he accepted, but he cannot shave until he has 30 days growth of hair - e.g., his hair was cut in the last 30 days of Nezirus).
(b) (Rav): This does not nullify the days he counted.
1. Even R. Yochanan, who said that Tum'ah nullifies what he counted, only said this when he is in the midst of Nezirus - but here, he has finished his Nezirus!
(c) (Shmuel): This nullifies the days he counted.
1. Even Reish Lakish, who said that Tum'ah does not nullify the previous days, only said this when the previous days were a separate Nezirus - but here, it is all 1 Nezirus!
(d) (Rav Chisda): All agree, if he became Tamei after bringing the sacrifices but before shaving, he has no solution.
(e) Question: According to whom?
1. Suggestion: If according to R. Eliezer - he holds, the prohibitions of a Nazir are in effect until he shaves - it is as if he became Tamei within the term (and he has a solution, as any Nazir Tamei)!
2. Suggestion: It must be, according to Chachamim - but they say, the prohibitions of Nezirus go away even if he does not shave!
(f) Answer: Really, it is as Chachamim - he has no solution to perform he Mitzvah of shaving properly (in Taharah, with the sacrifices).
(a) (R. Yosi bar Chanina): A Nazir that finished his term is lashed if he becomes Tamei, but not for shaving or drinking wine.
(b) Question: Why is Tum'ah different?
1. If because it says, "All the days", to include the days after the term - also by shaving and drinking wine, it says, "All the days"!
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